international esthetician schools

international esthetician schools

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful island nation located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is made up of two distinct islands, North and South Island, both of which are spectacular places to live and work as an esthetician. New Zealand’s diverse landscape has something for everyone — from coastal cities like Auckland to snow-capped mountains and fjords.

There are many opportunities for international students to study esthetics in New Zealand. In fact, many beauty schools report that more than 50% of their student population comes from other countries around the world!


If you want to learn from the beauty traditions of India, this is the section for you.

India’s beauty culture is one of the oldest in the world. They were using oils and herbs for healing massage as far back as ancient times. Today, India’s beauty industry is growing fast, but the practice has not lost its soul. Indian estheticians still focus on beauty treatments as a spiritual practice.

A lot of Indian esthetician training focuses on massage and holistic healing methods. Beauty services are often combined with yoga or meditation sessions, to promote inner peace while treating outer beauty. If you want to learn more about natural ingredients like herbs and oils in your esthetician career, India could be a great place to look for training!


The Scottish Beauty School is located at 45 Balunie Avenue, Dundee, DD4 9HS. The diploma course takes 1 year to complete and costs £5,000.

Students over the age of 18 with five GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) at grade C or above are eligible to apply.


Most people think of Japan as a place where you can get your face covered in some sort of mysterious, slimy gel that turns into a hard mask. And while that is true, it’s also home to many esthetician schools that focus on more than just the unusual.

If you’re interested in emulating the Japanese approach to skin care, there are several factors you should keep in mind. To begin with, Japanese estheticians are known for their emphasis on using natural products such as green tea and rice bran. They also have a much gentler style of performing facials than their American counterparts—instead of using machines or exfoliating tools, they rely primarily on their own hands to massage and soothe their clients’ skin.

South Korea

One of the best places to pursue your esthetics career as an international student is in South Korea. The Korean beauty industry is booming and the government recognizes estheticians as a valuable part of society. In this article, we will provide an overview of the Korean beauty market and highlight the top schools for foreign students.

The South Korean government provides financial aid to students who attend Korean esthetician school, and graduates are required to pass a licensure exam in order to practice professionally.


While there are no government recognized or accredited schools in Australia, many beauty schools do offer short courses. You must obtain a diploma from one of the accepted schools and then take the CIDESCO exam to be able to work. There are two ways of going about it: you can attend a school and study for the CIDESCO exam, or you can simply choose to take the exam without being affiliated with any particular school.

Beyond the United States, there are schools all over the world that give you hands-on experience to become an esthetician.

Beyond the United States, there are schools all over the world that give you hands-on experience to become an esthetician.

In Canada, you can study in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

In England, you have a few options with London being your best bet.

Australia has a number of places where you can study beauty therapy.

New Zealand has classes at Auckland Institute of Studies and Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland.

Costa Rica is home to The School of Natural Medicine Costa Rica.

You can also find esthetician schools in Mexico City (Mexico), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Panama City (Panama), Barbados, Tel Aviv (Israel), Johannesburg (South Africa), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and more!

When choosing a school beyond the US borders it is important to make sure you research if that particular course will be recognized when returning stateside or if the hours will translate in another country. It’s also good to do your due diligence on each program individually as many times these courses are privately owned and run by salons or instructors which allows them to set their own curriculum versus having state standards they must adhere too like we do here in the US.

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