Is Uc Riverside A Good School For Pre Med

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is a good school for pre-med students. UCR is a public research institution, which means that it is one of the largest schools in the UC system and has a lot to offer its students. It has over 27,000 undergraduate students and 6,700 graduate students.

The University of California Riverside has been ranked as one of the top 10 most diverse universities in the United States by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education magazine. The school also offers over 150 degree programs at the undergraduate level and over 100 graduate programs.

The undergraduate pre-med program at UCR consists of four years of study with an average GPA requirement of 3.5 or higher. Students can also apply to receive early admission into the program after their freshman year if they have met certain requirements such as having taken certain classes or scored high on standardized tests such as ACT or SAT IIs (SAT subject tests).

The graduate pre-med program at UCR requires applicants to have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before applying for admission into this program; however, there are some exceptions made if an applicant has already completed some courses related

Is Uc Riverside A Good School For Pre Med


If you’re thinking about going to UCR, but want to go into medicine after graduating, there are a few things to consider. First of all, UCR is not known for its pre-med program, so that might be a turn-off right away. Secondly, because of the location of Riverside in Southern California, it’s better going to a private college if you have the money for it. Not many people actually go to pre-med at UCR and this could be because there aren’t as many opportunities in nearby cities (e.g., Los Angeles). Also keep in mind that students who attend UC Riverside usually commute from nearby towns like Corona or even Orange County because they’re commuting to school anyway! So if that’s something that interests you too then this may be better for you than other colleges/universities

UC Riverside is not known for its pre-med program

While UC Riverside is a good school in general, it’s not known for its pre-med program. In fact, the school doesn’t even rank in the top 20 medical schools according to US News & World Report. Some students have said that the pre-med program at UC Riverside isn’t very competitive and other students have said that it’s not well organized.

Because of the location, it’s better going to a private college

The location of UC Riverside is not especially well-suited for pre-med students. The school itself is located in the middle of the desert, so it may be difficult to find research opportunities or clinical experiences that are easily accessible by public transportation (this is a problem that most schools with rural locations face).

Additionally, as a student at UC Riverside you won’t have access to some of the benefits that in-state residents do: state-of-the art libraries and labs; local hospitals nearby; and greater access to internships at companies like Intel and Qualcomm. If you’re planning on pursuing medical school after your bachelor’s degree, those things will be very important for your success!

Not many people actually go to pre-med at UCR

Most students at UCR are not pre-med. In fact, only about 5% of the student body is pre-med. The vast majority of students choose to study in liberal arts or humanities departments, or one of the many social science departments offered at UCR. For example, nearly half of all undergraduate students are studying English.

Those who do choose to go into a professional program often go into business or education after graduation; these programs have large numbers because they can be applied directly toward jobs with high demand upon graduation—notably teaching jobs in public schools (which pay well) or positions in management at large companies like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Uber Technologies Inc..

A lot of students are commuting from nearby towns because they are commuting to school

There are a lot of students who commute from nearby towns. They do this because they want to live in the city and get an education, but they don’t want to live in the dorms or apartments on campus.

UCR is located in Riverside, California (not Los Angeles or San Diego). If you live in Riverside, your only options for classes are going to be at UCR or CSU San Bernardino (which isn’t too far away).

This may be better for students who work with different hospitals in nearby cities

If you plan to work in a city that has multiple hospitals, UCR may be better for you. The school has a large student body and offers many different health care fields within its curriculum. Some students might find it difficult to get into the pre-med program at UC Riverside because of this, but if you’re looking for variety or have other interests besides medicine then UC Riverside is definitely an option.

If you want to go into medicine, UCR is probably not the best place

UC Riverside is a good school for students who want to go into other fields, but it’s not known for its pre-med program. The UC Riverside pre-med program has a reputation for being selective and difficult to get into, and many students come from the top of their classes at high schools in Southern California. They also have an extremely high GPA requirement compared to other universities’ medicine programs. This means that if you want to apply here as a pre-med student, you will need to take very challenging classes, do well on standardized tests like the MCATs, and most importantly—work hard!


I would recommend going to UCSD over UCR because it has a better pre-med program and is located in a better area for students. There are also many more opportunities for students who want to go into medicine in San Diego, making this school more competitive than Riverside. However, there is still some hope! If you’re willing to commute from home or another nearby town, it could be worth trying out UCR’s pre-med program.

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