is xiamen university good

is xiamen university good

Xiamen University

Xiamen University (XMU) is one of China’s key universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. It is a member of the China 9 League and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). XMU was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader. The university was initially known as The University of Amoy. Since its establishment, XMU has adhered to its motto “Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection” while cultivating students with innovation and practicality to serve society and make contributions to the nation.

The university offers degrees in arts and humanities, law, sciences, engineering, medicine, economics and management. It also has an international school on its main campus offering both undergraduate and graduate programs taught entirely in English across a variety of disciplines including business administration, international relations and public administration. Recently ranked as one of China’s top 10 most beautiful universities by Chinese netizens on Sina Weibo social media platform; it is also ranked among RUR’s World Top 500 Universities.

xiamen university

Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader. It was the first university in China founded by an overseas Chinese. The university was among the very first institutions of higher learning established with approval of the central government of China, hence also named “One of China’s Nine Old Universities”, alongside Peking University, Tsinghua University and a few other longtime institutes.

Going to Xiamen University means you will be attending a large public university in a midsize city with more than 50,000 students enrolled. Students can get involved on campus through clubs and student government. Students should expect to pay about $6,600 per year for housing and meal plans.

ranking of xiamen university

That being said, Xiamen University isn’t too shabby in the regional rankings either. They come in at #7 in Asia and #1 in China, according to QS ranking. If you’re looking for a university on the rise, Xiamen is it: over the last decade, they’ve climbed from #13 to their current ranking of #6. In China, Xiamen has been steadily climbing the ranks for the past five years as well.

When it comes to those with similar specialties, Xiamen is also doing quite well. For example, when you look at universities that have strong programs in computer science and engineering (as many international students do), Xiamen stands out from its peers as well. In fact, QS ranked this university as number 3 for both of these fields—ahead of Peking University and Nanjing University!

xiamen university ranking

The ranking of xiamen university is #1 in the world, #1 in china, and #1 in asia.

xiamen university reviews

Xiamen University is a good school and provides a good education. They have good teachers and facilities, and the students are happy being there. The campus has plenty of greenery and is located in a nice part of town near restaurants with good food.

Xiamen University is a good school.

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