Ivy League Colleges That Offer Online Degrees

Ivy League Colleges That Offer Online Degrees

If you’ve ever dreamed of attending an Ivy League college but don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving across the country, you’re in luck. These days, more and more universities are offering online degree programs that let you study from your own living room or favorite coffee shop. Here are five Ivy League schools that offer top-notch online degrees:

University of Pennsylvania Press Tab

The University of Pennsylvania is a world-renowned Ivy League university. It offers some of the nation’s top online degrees in business, education, and nursing. The school is ranked number 1 in the US News & World Report Best Grad Schools rankings for its undergraduate programs and master’s programs.

  • Business – Wharton School at UPenn
  • Education – School of Education at UPenn
  • Nursing – Nursing@Penn

Yale University

Yale University

Yale offers an online Master of Liberal Arts degree, a completely online program where you can choose to focus on one area or gain exposure to multiple disciplines. Yale also has an online Master of Arts in Teaching degree that prepares future educators with the skills they need to be successful in the classroom. If you have a passion for environmental science, consider pursuing a Master of Environmental Science online at Yale. Or, if you’re interested in public health but don’t want to move away from home, Yale has several master’s degrees that are fully online: Public Health (MPH), Applied Health Sciences (MHS), and Policy Analysis (MPP).

Cornell University

Cornell University is a private Ivy League university located in Ithaca, New York. The university offers more than 100 online programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including engineering, business and management, information science, education, natural resources management and policy, hospitality management, planning & public health and more.

Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the best universities in the world, and it offers a range of online degree programs to students all over the globe. Despite being an Ivy League school, Princeton’s online degree programs are not as expensive as some other schools on this list. For example, its Master’s in Engineering program costs about $1,500 per credit hour; this translates to about $15k per year for 15 credits (the standard minimum for most graduate degrees). The downside? You’ll have to pay for each individual course at that rate—and there are no bachelor’s degrees available online.

Although Princeton has a large selection of courses available online and accepts applications from students around the world, many people may not be able to handle these courses due to their difficulty level or because they require advanced math skills that can’t be learned simply by taking an online class at home every night!

Brown University

Brown University offers a wide range of online degrees. These include business, engineering, and social science programs that can be taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Students may choose from four areas of study:

  • Engineering (ME, MS)
  • Engineering Management (MEM)
  • Social Sciences (MA)
  • Management (MSM)

You can still learn from Ivy League faculty without taking a trip to the Ivy League campus.

Some of the best college professors in the country can be found at Ivy League universities. Although they may not be as well-known as John Harvard or George Washington, these professors are still some of the most highly respected and sought-after educators in their fields. If you want to learn from some of these top names in education without leaving your hometown, there are plenty of online degree programs that allow you to do just that.

Ivy League institutions are known for their rich history, prestige, and excellence in academics. But with online education becoming increasingly popular, students can now take advantage of these schools’ resources without having to travel across the country. These five Ivy League schools offer online degrees that prepare you for success in your chosen field while also giving you the opportunity to study at your own pace.

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