jmu college acceptance rate

jmu college acceptance rate

JMU works closely with transfer applicants to provide a clear and easily understood admissions process.

JMU works closely with transfer applicants to provide a clear and easily understood admissions process. The transfer application is a two-step process, with information gathered through the College Board’s Transfer Information System (TIS) followed by a separate application that allows students to indicate the particular program they want to pursue at JMU.

In order to complete this second step, students must first enroll in one of JMU’s three pre-major programs: Business Administration, Humanities or Social Sciences. These programs are designed to help prospective students decide on a specific major before completion of their degree at JMU. Once enrolled in one of these programs, students agree that their record will be evaluated for acceptance into the program after completion of 24 credits at JMU (excluding developmental courses). The student then completes an online application form and submits it directly from TIS. No additional essays or other materials are required.

Students who apply through TIS receive both automatic admission and an official letter from the Office of Admissions within four weeks of submitting their application.

Accepted Students Day is an event for accepted students and their families to visit campus and meet current students, faculty and staff.

Accepted Students Day is an event for accepted students and their families to visit campus and meet current students, faculty and staff. It’s a great chance to see the campus during summer months when the weather is ideal for enjoying our picturesque grounds. The event includes information about financial aid, housing, admissions requirements, student life, academic life and more. Students receive priority registration for fall courses by attending this event. This is a fun-filled day designed to give you a glimpse at what life at JMU will be like as well as answer any questions you might have before you begin your studies here in late August.

You can register online through your MyJMU account to attend Accepted Students Day on Wednesday, July 25th.

Admission requirements for freshmen applying to James Madison University.

James Madison University is a public, four-year university in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It was founded in 1908 and is named after the fourth president of the United States. Each year it educates about 23,000 full-time students and more than 10,000 part-time students. The school has a college acceptance rate of 71 percent with an average freshman retention rate of 88 percent.

Study Requirements:

Students planning to attend James Madison University must complete a few steps before they can be accepted into the university’s undergraduate program. First they must graduate from high school or earn their equivalent diploma (such as a GED). Once they’ve completed high school, applicants must submit an online application to be considered for admission to the university. For this step, applicants will need to complete legible copies of their transcripts and one letter of recommendation that is written by someone who taught them in high school or another learning environment. Applicants may also need to take either the ACT or SAT exam as standardized tests for college admissions. After submitting all these materials online, candidates can schedule interviews with representatives from JMU and make tuition deposits if desired. However until all materials are submitted and interviews are scheduled, candidates are not officially accepted into the program .

Applicants should note that James Madison University participates in many financial aid programs offered by state colleges as well as private scholarship organizations .

Transfer Student Day will help you discover whether JMU is the right fit for you.

Any prospective university student begins by dreaming of the perfect college campus. But as they begin researching and visiting schools, they can quickly become overwhelmed with school spirit, admissions officers and tour guides all assuring that theirs is the best choice to pursue an education. Transfer Student Day is an exciting way to discover if JMU is the right fit for you and your family.

The event begins on a Friday evening, when accepted students and their families gather for dinner at a local hotel or restaurant. Next comes a late night of fun activities hosted by current students at clubs and bars around Harrisonburg. One such activity is a pub crawl where everyone takes in the sights and sounds of downtown while enjoying complimentary drinks. (Note: JMU cannot endorse specific businesses.) This day concludes with remarks by university officials followed by plenty of time to ask questions, get to know current JMU students, chat with faculty members, sample delicious food from our dining halls, learn more about future housing options—and even register as a student if you haven’t already!

  • Transfer Student Day Schedule
  • Event will be held in spring

Admitted first-year student checklist. What do I do next?

Accepted Students Day is one of the best times to visit campus. Stop by at any point—it’s free and you’ll get to meet with admissions counselors and current students to answer any questions you have. We also offer a number of informational sessions (lunch and learn) throughout the fall semester that focus on everything from choosing your major to transitioning from high school to college life. You’ll be able to fill up your schedule with these events, as well as other optional tours around campus, so it’s a good idea to plan your day accordingly.

Once Accepted Students Day is over, there are still a few things you need to do before the next semester:

  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA)
  • Apply for housing through Heap House or off-campus
  • Update emergency contacts in MyJMU (we’ll send reminders about this via email)
  • Submit immunization records through MyJMU (we’ll send reminders about this via email)

James Madison University encourages all its prospective students to follow their admissions blog for updates about the acceptance rate.

The best information source for prospective James Madison University students to get a sense of their admissions rate is the school’s admissions blog. [insert link to admissions blog] The blog is updated with regularity, and it provides an enormous amount of information about the school, whether you’re reading about the latest news in athletics, or how staying on campus during breaks can help you balance academics and extracurriculars. Since the admissions blog isn’t labeled as official content from JMU, it has no official authority. However, since it was created by members of JMU’s Information Technology department who are responsible for maintaining the school’s website, there is little reason to doubt its authenticity. Furthermore, JMU offers this information freely to all prospective students rather than charging a fee. This makes the admissions blog an excellent place to start your research into JMU!

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