king’s college acceptance rate law

king’s college acceptance rate law

King’s College Acceptance Rate

According to the official statistics, there were 3,880 applications for King’s College London in 2019-20. Out of these, 1,070 were admitted and 454 enrolled successfully. The acceptance rate at King’s College London is 27%, which means that it is a highly competitive university with very low chances of getting admission.

The competition to get into King’s College London depends on your course of study and program. Some courses have lower acceptance rates than others. Here are some of the undergraduate programs with the lowest admissions for 2019-2020:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine – 10%
  • Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry – 12%
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law – 21%


I didn’t get in, so I can only say what worked for me. The following is a comprehensive but general guide to help you:

  • Know the mission and goals of the school you are applying to. Most schools have a list of attributes they look for in applicants (leadership, compassion, resilience etc), so it helps to know what these are so that you can demonstrate them during your application.
  • Be prepared for the interview. Some subjects may be more apt at answering questions on demand than others, but eight times out of ten this isn’t going to be the case. Prepare by practicing and rehearsing your answers before you go into your interview!


An interview isn’t required for every course, but if your course has an interview, it is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your suitability for the course in question. Think of it as your chance to show the admissions team why you are perfect for their degree program.

The interview questions are designed to let you think on your feet and show how you would handle a given situation. They will not be designed to trick or catch you out – just make sure that everything you say is relevant and true.

Preparation for the interview includes thinking about what you want to say and how best to represent yourself.


King’s College is located at 129 North Warren Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The college itself serves as a campus for students, and the surrounding city of Wilkes-Barre is known as the “Diamond City” due to its rich historical setting. Today, King’s College serves as the diamond of the surrounding area, having been a part of this region for over 200 years.

King’s College has an acceptance rate of 75%.

The King’s College Law School accepts the majority of applicants who apply, and the majority of these are from the UK.

Those admitted to a master’s program at King’s College typically have high undergraduate GPAs and LSAT scores. The college has a 75 percent acceptance rate, which is indicative of its selectivity. Compared with other law schools, this acceptance rate is very high.

The Law School admits approximately 150 students each year, making it one of the largest law schools in the country. It accepts applications from graduates who have a degree in law, but not all applicants have a law degree.

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