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City University of New York, or CUNY, is a large public university in New York City. It was established in 1965 as the City College of New York and became a part of the State University of New York system in 1992. It has more than 230,000 students and 10,000 faculty members.


Lehman College City University of New York is a private, non-profit institution located in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City. The college was founded in 1847 as the Park Street Female Seminary by Charles Augustus Le Moyne, the first Roman Catholic bishop of New York. It became affiliated with the University of the City of New York in 1870 and eventually became a standalone institution in 1898.
Lehman College offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including concentrations in business, law, education, nursing, arts and sciences, and public health. The college has a student body of about 3,600 students from all 50 U.S. states and over 60 countries.

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Lehman College City University of New York, commonly referred to as Lehman or LCCUNY, is a two-year public institution in the City University of New York system. Founded in 1847 as the Free Academy of the City of New York, the college became part of the City University of New York system in 1995. The college enrolls approximately 2,500 students and offers undergraduate and graduate programs at its main campus in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, as well as three satellite campuses in Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.

Lehman College was founded on April 14th, 1847 as Free Academy of The City of New York by brothers Emmanuel and August Schultze with a charter from Mayor George B. McClellan. It was originally situated at 320 Broadway on the Lower East Side before relocating to its current location on Amsterdam Ave. between 25th and 26th Streets in 1868. In 1895, Lehman added a law division and began offering joint degrees with Columbia University.

In 1995, Lehman became part of the City University of New York system after being pressured to merge by then- Chancellor Donald T. Manes. The college underwent major renovations over the next few years including construction


Lehman College, City University of New York is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the United States. Established in 1847, Lehman has an enrollment of approximately 2,800 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The campus is located in the borough of Manhattan, just a short distance from Midtown. The main buildings are situated on a hill overlooking Lower Manhattan. The campus has been extensively renovated in recent years, with new facilities including a library, student union, and athletic complex.

Lehman offers a wide range of courses and opportunities for study. Popular majors include business, law, economics, international relations, and computer science. The university also has a large number of programs in arts and humanities. Lehman is known for its strong academic reputation, awarding more Rhodes Scholars than any other American university.


Lehman College is known for its strong academics. Lehman offers over 40 majors and concentrations, as well as a variety of pre-professional programs. The College also offers minors in a wide range of subjects. Students have the opportunity to take classes at Lehman’s renowned locations in the city, such as the Brooklyn Campus and Manhattan Campus. Lehman also has partnerships with many leading universities, allowing students to take courses at other institutions without having to transfer credits.

Lehman prides itself on its unique approach to learning. The College has developed what is known as the “Third Way Model.” This model features small class sizes and a focus on active learning. Lehman graduates are often well-informed and well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life after college.

The faculty at Lehman are some of the best in the world, and they are always available to help students learn about the College and its programs. The Student Success Center is staffed by dedicated professionals who can help students with any question or problem they may have.


The Lehman College athletics program is one of the most successful in CUNY. The Tigers have a long and proud tradition of success on the field, including four NCAA Division III playoffs appearances and two national championships. The men’s and women’s programs are both nationally ranked, with the men ranked 27th in the country and the women 4th.

Student Life

Lehman College is a highly selective institution that offers students an intellectually stimulating and engaging learning environment. The college focuses on developing its students into thoughtful and engaged citizens who can think critically, problem solve, and take initiative.

Lehman College has a vibrant student life with plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. From organizations like the Model United Nations Club and the Student Government Association to sports teams like the men’s soccer and women’s basketball squads, Lehman students have plenty of opportunities to explore their interests and connect with others.

The college also offers a wide variety of course offerings that give students the opportunity to specialize in fields such as business, law, education, health sciences, and more. Lehman graduates are well prepared for careers in fields such as finance, consulting, law, education, health sciences, government, and more.

The Arts

Lehman College is a highly respected private institution of higher education located in the borough of The Bronx in New York City. The College offers a broad range of arts programs that prepare students for careers in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The College’s Department of Theatre Arts has a rich history and produces some of the most dynamic and cutting-edge theatre on campus. Recent productions have included In Transit, an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera set in New York City during the height of the AIDS epidemic; and Founding Father, a new play about the life of Thomas Paine adapted by Lehman alumna Rachel Chavkin (currently the Artistic Director of Playwrights Horizons in New York City).

In Fall 2017, Lehman joined forces with Juilliard School to create a new undergraduate program in Drama and Dance. This collaboration is designed to attract talented students who want to study drama and dance but don’t have the required prerequisites at their respective schools. Lehman undergraduate students will be able to take courses at both schools and receive both credit and degree credits from Lehman.

Financial Aid

Lehman College offers a variety of financial aid options to help students pay for their education. The most common form of aid is a grant, which provides money that the student does not have to pay back. Other forms of financial aid include scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

A grant can come in many different forms, including scholarships, student loans, and work-study programs. A scholarship is an award given to a student by an outside source, such as a university or private organization. Student loans are loans taken out by students to pay for their education expenses. Work-study programs provide part-time employment for students while they are attending school. This helps the students cover some of their tuition costs.

City University of New York, or CUNY as it is more commonly known, is a large, comprehensive public university located in the heart of one of the most dynamic and rapidly-growing cities in the United States: New York City. With over 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to choose from, CUNY offers something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for an affordable private school experience or an expansive public university with world-renowned faculty, CUNY has something for you. For more information on what CUNY has to offer, be sure to check out its website.

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