Lmhc Salary Private Practice

This article covers the topic of lmhc salary private practice.

Lmhc Salary Private Practice

Lmhc Salary Private Practice

How much does an LMC make in private practice? The average salary for a licensed midwife varies by state. In Alaska, the LMC’s average annual salary is $77,030; Delaware tops the list with an average annual wage of $125,240! Maine comes in second place with an average annual wage of $115,800; New Hampshire follows closely behind with an average annual wage of $111,740. Vermont rounds out the top 5 at #4 with their annual mean wage of $110,000 per year.

How much does an Lmhc make in private practice?

How much does an LMHC make in private practice?

As a general rule, the salary for an LMHC will be slightly higher than that of other mental health professionals. In fact, there is typically not a lot of variation between salaries for different types of mental health specialists. However, some states may have higher average pay than others—and some occupations may offer greater earning potential than others. For example:

The average range salary for all mental health workers was $37,350-$71,390 in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The median annual wage was $44,470 per year or $22 per hour during that same period.

What are some other settings where you can find an LMHC?

While most LMHCs work in private practices or clinics, they can also be found working at hospitals and psychiatric facilities as well as schools and businesses with established employee assistance programs (EAPs). If you’re interested in becoming an LMHC but aren’t sure if it’s right for you yet or if you’d rather wait until after completing graduate school first before making any decisions about what types of careers might interest you down the road then consider pursuing graduate studies first followed by post-doctoral training focused specifically on developing expertise related specifically towards treating people with various types difficulties related specifically towards treating people struggling with substance abuse issues.”

Lmhc salary by state.

The average salary for a LMHC is $77,000 per year. This is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2018 report which found that a counselor with a master’s degree earns an average salary of $78,000. The same study also found that counselors with an LMHC license make an average income of $82,000 per year.

The top paying states in which to work as a counseling professional are:

  • New York – $93,000
  • California – $80,000
  • Florida – $79,000

Lmhc salary private practice by state.

The salary you can expect to make in private practice depends on your years of experience, location and specialty. Here’s a breakdown of the average annual LMHCA salary by state:

  • Alabama – $142,000
  • Alaska – $88,000
  • Arizona – $91,000
  • Arkansas – $96,000 – $110,000 (depending on experience)


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  • LMHCA: $191,000
  • LCSW: $157,000
  • LMHC: $125,000


In Maine, the average lmhc salary private practice is $145,000 per year. LMHCA’s with more than 10 years of experience make an average of $150,000 each year.

The highest paying specialty in Maine is Home Health Aides at $43,000 per year. The lowest paying specialty on our list is Medical Assistants at $36,000 per year.

New Hampshire.

  • New Hampshire.
  • Alaska.
  • Delaware.
  • Maine.


The average salary for LMHCA in Vermont is $66,000. The average salary for LMHCA in Vermont varies based on education and experience.


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Maryland is the state with the highest Lmhc salary private practice in the country at $350,000 per year. The median income for all physicians in Maryland is $402,000.

This article is about lmhc salary private practice

  • The average salary of LMHCs working in private practice is around $66,000 per year.
  • The national average for all LMHCs is $44,500 per year.
  • LMHCA certification adds an average of $5,000 to your annual income as a private practice provider.


This article is about lmhc salary private practice

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