London Business School Mam Acceptance Rate

London Business School’s Mam Acceptance Rate is about 10% for international applicants, and about 25% for domestic applicants.

London Business School Mam Acceptance Rate


When it comes to business school, your GMAT score is just one of many factors that go into the acceptance process. But it is a major factor, and being accepted can open many doors for you throughout your career. Especially if you’re hoping to get into London Business School’s Masters in Management (MAM) program, where an estimated 1 in 10 applicants actually gets accepted.

What is the London Business School Mam Acceptance Rate?

As the name suggests, London Business School’s admission rate is the percentage of students who were admitted to the school. It is a good indicator of how competitive a program is and how selective its admissions are.

The lower the acceptance rate, the more competitive it is. If a program has low acceptance rates, that means other programs must have higher ones (or vice versa). You can use this number to gauge whether or not you’ll be able to get accepted somewhere else too!

What are some other things that factor into the acceptance rate?

Besides the GPA and TOEFL scores, there are several other factors that play a role in determining your acceptance rate. One of these is the GMAT score, which is a standardized test used by business schools around the world to assess applicants’ skills in quantitative reasoning and problem-solving. In order to enroll at London Business School (LBS), you’ll need to have at least 500 points on this exam; however, if you’re applying from outside of Europe or North America, then it’s likely that you’ll need to take an additional test called GAMSAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) instead of GMAT.

Another important factor for getting accepted into LBS is having relevant work experience—or even better yet: multiple years’ worth! The school tends not only favor students with professional experience but also those who’ve proven themselves as being leaders within their organizations or communities; so if this sounds like something that could potentially apply​to​you, try doing some research into what makes someone stand out during their employment history and how they can transfer these qualities into an application letter or essay type format!

Where can I find more information about the business school in general?

You can find more information about the business school in general, including its admissions process, on the school’s website.

You can also look at social media accounts for @bostonbs and @londonbs, which are Twitter and Instagram accounts run by current students.

The main admission website is at–US#!admissions-process–US

Doing well on the GMAT is a way to increase your chances of getting into the school.

If you want to get into the London Business School, a good GMAT score is key. The average GMAT score for admitted students is in the low 700s, but those who are accepted have scores that consistently fall above this range. And those with perfect scores have an even better chance of getting in.

The last part of this section is where we share some tips for improving your chances of getting into LBS with a high GMAT score:

  • Do as many practice tests as possible before taking the official exam so that you know what to expect on test day and know what areas to focus on in your study prep. We’ve found that most students do better when they practice multiple times instead of just once or twice before sitting down for their actual exam date; it helps build confidence while also providing insights into which areas need more work (or if there are any surprises).

  • If possible, book time at one of our partner testing centers rather than using one nearby campus or library site—this will give you access to more computers instead of having one available per building/section room


In conclusion, the London Business School has a fairly high acceptance rate for its full-time Master’s program. This is good news for those who want to improve their chances of getting accepted because there are many other factors that go into the decision of whether someone gets in or not. We hope this article has been helpful in providing some information about what those factors might be and how you can use them to increase the likelihood that you will get into LBS!

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