Majors At Queens University Of Charlotte

Majors At Queens University Of Charlotte

Queens University of Charlotte has a variety of majors that students can choose from. Below, we’ve provided an overview of some of these programs and the courses they cover.


Accounting is a discipline and profession concerned with the recording, classification, analysis and interpretation of financial data. Accounting is one of the most important functions of management because it provides a comprehensive summary of all activities in an organization. It is also an essential foundation for decision making in any organization.

Accounting is the language of business—it communicates information about what has been done, how it was accomplished and where things stand now. Without good accounting information, businesses would not be able to make decisions about payroll costs; inventory levels; investments in new equipment; advertising campaigns or other areas that require forecasts about future cash flows (or lack thereof).

Business Administration

The Business Administration major is designed to prepare students for careers in business and for graduate studies in business administration. Students will be prepared to enter the workforce with a broad knowledge of business principles and practices, including: accounting, finance, management information systems (MIS), marketing, organizational behavior and human resources management.


If you are interested in learning how to communicate effectively with others, consider a Communications major at Queens University of Charlotte.

Communication majors learn the skills needed to research, analyze, interpret and communicate information effectively. Majors study how to write, speak and create media content. They also study the role of communication in society and how to create effective messages.

Exercise & Sport Science

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science.

Students can also earn a master’s degree in exercise and sport science, or even a doctoral degree in the same field.

They can also earn certificates in various programs including athletic training, coaching and leadership, fitness management and nutrition, strength & conditioning coach certifications, wellness services management.


Management majors are a great fit for students who are interested in business and management. Management majors study how to manage people, organizations, and the processes they use to complete their goals.


Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals, groups and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and delivering value to customers and users, while also satisfying and retaining their own employees.

Marketing is considered to be a universal process in which needs are identified, wants are formed into concepts, products are designed to meet these concepts at a profit; then services to deliver these products are offered by companies. It may be defined as ‘the study of factors that determine the success of business ventures.’

A service has four different characteristics which are related to how it can be marketed:

Sport and Entertainment Management

The Sport and Entertainment Management program is designed to prepare students for careers in the sport and entertainment industries. Students can choose from four concentrations:

  • Sport Management, which offers courses in areas such as sport sales and marketing, public relations and promotion, legal issues affecting sports, athletic department administration, and facility management.
  • Theatre Arts Management is a concentration that focuses on managing programs at theatres or arts centers. Courses include theatrical business management, production design and staging technology, contemporary performance practices in theatre arts management.
  • Event Planning is a concentration that provides specific knowledge regarding event planning and execution with an emphasis on hospitality services technology. Courses include special events planning; strategic event management; principles of sales; food service operations; transportation and logistics; financial analysis for decision making applications in event planning

Majors at Queens University of Charlotte

If you’re looking to get a Bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting, Queens University of Charlotte offers a BS in Business Administration with an option for Accounting. The curriculum requires 36 credit hours, with 22 being general education requirements and 14 elective coursework. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in accounting, business administration or other related fields.

The Bachelor of Arts (BAA) in Communications is also available at QUC. This degree requires 30 credit hours of coursework and can be completed within 4 years. Candidates must complete 18 core requirements (general education), 12 elective credits and 3 specialization courses based upon their chosen track (public relations/advertising/broadcast journalism).

Exercise & Sport Science majors at QUC study areas such as exercise physiology and biomechanics through classroom instruction as well as hands-on laboratory research opportunities that include working with human subjects under supervision from faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Students will also have opportunities to participate on intramural sports teams or compete intercollegiately depending on skill level once enrolled here; this gives them valuable experience outside of academics so they’ll feel more confident when entering professional settings after graduation too!

If management sounds like something you’d like for your future career path then check out our BABA degree program offered through Queens University Of Charlotte: Management major program aims toward preparing students as leaders by providing them practical business knowledge along with leadership development skills while instilling ethical principles necessary for success both personally and professionally.” Students will learn how manage people effectively while developing critical thinking skills which translates into better decision making ability throughout life – regardless if someone chooses not go into management right away after graduation!

Queens University of Charlotte is a great school for students to earn their bachelor’s degree in a wide range of majors. The university offers over 70 different undergraduate degrees, as well as several graduate programs.

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