manhattanville college acceptance rate

manhattanville college acceptance rate

Manhattanville College acceptance rate

  • Manhattanville College acceptance rate is 64%
  • Manhattanville College acceptance rate is competitive
  • Manhattanville College acceptance rate is above average
  • Manhattanville College acceptance rate is lower than other colleges
  • Manhattanville College acceptance rate is higher than other colleges

Manhattanville College transfer acceptance rate

Although Manhattanville College has a low overall acceptance rate, the school is still highly competitive to get into. If you’re not sure what you want to study, it’s hard to say whether or not you should go there. The college has a very high amount of transfer students who hope to one day graduate from the four-year program at their schools.

What is the acceptance rate for manhattanville college?

Transfer Acceptance Rate at Manhattanville College

If you are trying to get into Manhattanville College, one thing that will definitely help your chances of doing so is being aware of your competition. What kinds of students have been accepted in the past? What is the average GPA and SAT/ACT scores of those who got in?

Manhattanville online tuition

Tuition and Fees

Since Manhattanville does not have a traditional campus, students pay for tuition in two ways—as a set amount per credit hour, either online or on campus, and through fees that occur once per semester. The chart below compares the cost of tuition across the two methods between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters.

Manhattanville admissions deadline

After much anticipation, the Manhattanville College application deadline is here! If you’re applying, check out this page for the key dates and deadlines. Keep in mind that these are just rough guidelines to help you stay organized; it’s important to check out the Manhattanville College website and individual departments on campus to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date information.

The Admissions Office makes clear that its priority is to accept students with a genuine interest in attending Manhattanville. The college effectively uses an early decision method of admissions, which requires a completed application by August 1st of your senior year of high school—but don’t get caught up in that complicated wording! If you meet all other admission requirements (including test scores), your application will be guaranteed review by the Admissions Office before formal acceptance decisions have been made.

This means early decision applicants must notify Manhattanville College if they are accepted into another college or university before February 1st of their senior year of high school. Be sure to note that there is no cost for applying under this policy—the risks only come into play if you accept an offer from another school while having applied (and been accepted) to Manhattanville as an Early Decision student.

Of course, there are more options than Early Decision at Manhattanville College! Students who apply after October 15th can still receive consideration for admission through the Regular Decision process, but applications received after January 15th will not be reviewed before April 30th. After that date, decisions go out weekly until May 28th—and yes, even those decisions can be deferred until June 1st!

Average SAT and ACT scores for Manhattanville College

A student’s high school record is an important component of the admissions process at Manhattanville College. Based on data provided by the school, the average composite score of accepted students was 1060 on the SAT and 23 on the ACT. The average GPA was 3.0, and students typically needed to complete a core curriculum or its equivalent to be eligible for admission.

It is important to know the average SAT and ACT scores for Manhattanville College.

If you’re considering applying to Manhattanville College, it’s important to know how your test scores measure up against the average at this school. The table below shows the average SAT and ACT scores for students who were admitted to Manhattanville College.

SAT Scores

SAT Range

ACT Scores

ACT Range

How did the schools in our rankings compare to each other in terms of their test scores? Find out by reading our guide below.

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