master in spain

master in spain

Master in Business Administration

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a one year course that enables students to develop their leadership and management skills. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. The background of the student body is diverse, and there are many nationalities represented within the group, allowing for an international experience. The MBA program has been divided into four stages:

  • Orientation – During orientation, a manager from a world-leading company will deliver a presentation on how your degree can be applied in the workplace.
  • Core modules – You will take classes focused on strategy, marketing, operations management and human resource management. Each module is taught by an expert in the field who has worked in senior positions with global companies such as McKinsey & Co., Microsoft or Procter & Gamble.
  • Electives – Throughout this stage, you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of electives focusing on specific areas of interest.
  • International phase – In this stage you will spend time at another leading business school. The location of this phase varies from year to year.

You will also participate in workshops where you learn about networking and career development opportunities.

Master in Business Management

  • Master in Business Management
  • Master in Supply Chain Management
  • Master in Human Resources Management
  • Master in Engineering Management
  • Master in Marketing
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Accounting and Control

Master in International Business

The program provides you with the business knowledge and skills required to succeed in a globalized and internationalized business world. The Master in International Business is an international master program that has a strong international orientation, with a global mindset, and has been developed in close collaboration with companies and industry associations.

The objective of the Master in International Business is to enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge and develop the necessary skills to become successful managers within multinational corporations as well as national firms operating on an international basis. The course is taught entirely in English, which guarantees that all students have a high level of English language proficiency before they finish their studies.

Master in Human Resources Management

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Master in Engineering Management

  • Master in Engineering Management (English)
  • Master in Engineering Management (Spanish)
  • Master in Engineering Management – Global MBA

Master in Marketing

  • You can work as a marketing manager. You will be responsible for the promotion of businesses, non-profits or products.
  • You can also work as a marketing executive, helping to develop and maintain company image.
  • Another option is to work as a marketing assistant; you would be in charge of market research and implement new strategies which help the company grow.

you’ll also have chances to find a job related to your major in other fields like human resources, advertising and communications.

Master in Finance

  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Financial Management
  • Master in Financial Risk Management
  • Master in Financial Services
  • Master in International Financial Management
  • Master in Corporate Finance
  • Master in Investment Banking
  • Master in Investment Management
  • Master in Investment Strategies
  • Master in Quantitative Finance

Master in Accounting and Control

The Master in Accounting and Control at the University of Deusto aims to train professionals with a high level of knowledge in the field of accounting and control so that they can lead the accounting and control departments of companies.

  • Knowledge:
  • Expertise in financial management, business strategy, auditing, and taxation applicable to companies.
  • Ability to analyze information for decision-making.
  • Skills:
  • The direction of accounting departments or consulting firms related to this specialty.

Master in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (English)

The Master in International Hospitality and Tourism Management is a postgraduate course of between 12 and 18 months, depending on the country where it is studied. It can be studied online or on-campus, the latter being a more popular choice among working international professionals who are interested in continuing their education while they work at their current jobs. The master can also be studied in English or Spanish.

The master is organized into four modules:

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