Masters In Physiotherapy In Sweden

Masters In Physiotherapy In Sweden

A masters degree in physiotherapy is a postgraduate program that enables students to expand their skills and knowledge in their area of specialization. The program includes an internship and the final qualification can be obtained after completion of the coursework, internship, research and thesis.

In Sweden, the master’s degree programs in physiotherapy are offered at several universities. They are offered in different variants such as full-time, part-time and distance learning programs. The duration of these courses varies from one university to another but generally it ranges from two to four years depending on the number of courses taken by each student during their studies.

The admission requirements for these programs vary from university to university but generally you will need a Bachelor’s degree with good grades. Apart from this some institutions require candidates to have passed certain entrance exams before being admitted into the course. Most universities also require applicants to have completed an internship or practical training period before applying for admission into this course.

Masters In Physiotherapy In Sweden


If you are a Physiotherapist who is looking to make a career change, you will be interested in knowing more about the Masters in Physiotherapy. This program has been designed especially for experienced physicians and other healthcare professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge in this field. It’s an excellent option for those who have completed their undergraduate degree in physiotherapy or any other related field but aren’t yet ready to sit for the examination required by the state. The coursework covers all aspects of physical therapy from anatomy and physiology through to history and practice. The curriculum emphasizes practical exercises as well as theoretical work, so that students gain hands-on experience as they study. The degree program is divided into two parts: one year of general education classes followed by four years of specialized coursework including clinical placements.

Why study Masters in Physiotherapy in Sweden?

Sweden is a beautiful country with a high quality of life. It offers a safe environment, with low crime rates and a stable government. Sweden has many democratic institutions, including free elections and rights for minorities. The country’s education system is highly regarded around the world, so you can be confident that your Masters degree will be recognized when it comes time to apply for work abroad or in Sweden itself.

Who is eligible to study Masters in Physiotherapy in Sweden?

You should have a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and have good understanding of the English language. You must also have a valid passport, meet the age criteria and have a good academic record.

How To Apply For Masters In Physiotherapy In Sweden

You can apply for Master of Physiotherapy at Sweden via the admission procedure. The admission procedure is carried out by the application committees that are formed by each university.

The examination fee for Swedish universities varies depending on the university. It ranges from SEK 600 to SEK 3100 (USD 80-428). There are also some universities that don’t charge any examination fee, but in such cases, you will have to pay some other fees like administrative costs or registration fees.

To apply for Masters of Physiotherapy in Sweden, you need to fill out the application form and send it along with all relevant documents including certificates and transcripts etc., through mail or courier service such as FedEx/DHL/UPS etc., within given time period mentioned in each advertisement of different universities conducting masters program in physiotherapy (usually 1 month).

After submission date has passed, your application will be registered on their website after which they will send an acknowledgement letter where they mention timeline regarding admission process (usually 6 months)

Admissions requirements for Masters In Physiotherapy In Sweden

To get into a Master’s program in physiotherapy or to become eligible for admission, you will need a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy or a related field. You will also be required to have minimum grades in your undergraduate program. For example, most institutions require that their students have earned at least a 3.0 GPA during the last two years of their studies and at least 2 years of relevant work experience after graduation.

There are different English proficiency requirements set by each university when applying for masters programs. Most Swedish universities ask for TOEFL scores between 100-120 (internet based) or IELTS scores between 6-7 (academic). Some universities may request that applicants complete an additional language test as well as GRE scores above 300 points on the verbal section and above 270 on analytical writing section

Study masters in physiotherapy in sweden

Masters in Physiotherapy in Sweden

Masters in Physiotherapy is a postgraduate degree that is an advanced professional qualification for those who have gained a bachelor’s degree or diploma from the medical field, such as physiotherapy. Masters courses are designed for students who wish to become more advanced in their knowledge and skills of physiotherapy. They may be able to gain valuable insight into research methods, ethics, health concepts and physical activity.

Doctors with a master’s degree can work as researchers or practitioners in hospitals and clinics, training centers or health agencies where they have access to patients’ medical histories; they may also teach students at universities or colleges based on their own experience


If you are looking to study a masters in physiotherapy in sweden, then this article is for you. Masters in physiotherapy are offered at the Umeå University in Sweden.

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