Masters In The Science Of Nursing

If you are looking for a career in nursing, it is critical that you get your MSN. You can do so by enrolling in an online master’s degree program. This will give you the education and training that is required to work as a registered nurse, while also allowing you to stay at home with your family or work part-time while studying.

Masters In The Science Of Nursing

1 Masters in Nursing

The MSN degree is a highly rewarding nursing career option for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree in the field. There are many options for earning an MSN degree, including online programs and traditional on-campus classes. The MSN degree is a terminal degree, which means that it is completed after receiving your bachelor’s degree in nursing. It also takes into account your previous education and experience when determining how much time it will take to complete this program. In addition to being able to work as registered nurses (RNs), with an MSN you can become certified as a nurse practitioner (NP) or even specialize in certain areas of practice such as gerontology or neonatal care. An advanced practice nurse must have at least two years of clinical experience working with patients before applying for certification through the National Board for Certification in Nursing (NBCN). Once certified by NBCN, APNs may be eligible for additional certifications based on their area of specialty such as critical care or psychiatric mental health nursing.’

2 Master of Science in Nursing

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is designed for advanced practice nurses who want to pursue a career as an advanced practice nurse. An MSN program includes coursework in clinical nursing, research and leadership. These programs can be completed in two years or less and lead to a master’s degree in nursing. In addition to earning an MSN, some programs also offer students the opportunity to earn both a Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree through its Ph.D program or DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice).

MSN programs are also designed for nurses who want to pursue a career as a nurse educator, nurse researcher or nurse administrator/manager.

3 Masters in Nursing Programs

Masters in Nursing Programs

There are many online masters in nursing programs available to you. They can be more flexible, affordable, convenient and accessible. If you have ever considered studying for your master’s degree but have been put off by the prospect of traveling too far from home, then an online program may be a good choice for you. The combination of affordability and convenience that comes with distance learning can make this type of education perfect if you live in an area where there are no traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

4 Online Masters in Nursing Programs

Online Masters in Nursing Programs

  • Online Master of Science in Nursing: According to the ranking by BestMastersGlobal, this is the world’s number one online masters degree. The program includes three concentrations, including: Adult-gerontology acute care nursing (ACN), Family nurse practitioner (FNP) and Women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP).
  • Online Master of Science in Nursing with Specialized Tracks: This top ranked online graduate program offers four specialty tracks for nurses looking to gain expertise in a particular area of study. The tracks include Adult-Primary Care Nurse Practitioner; Childbirth Educator; Clinical Nurse Leader and Leadership Development Program for Advanced Practice Nurses.
  • Online Doctoral Education: This highly selective program provides students with an opportunity to earn a doctoral degree from the UMDNJ School of Nursing while practicing as registered nurses full time. It’s also one of only a handful of programs nationally that allow students to earn their doctorate without leaving work or sacrificing time spent with family members as they pursue their education goals.

5 Best Online Masters in Nursing Programs

A Master of Science in Nursing degree is the most common type of master’s degree. It’s often abbreviated as MSN, but you also may see it called a Masters in Nursing or a Nurse Practitioner Degree. The Master of Science in Nursing program is designed for nurses who want to advance their career and become involved with research in the field of nursing or educate other nurses on different topics.

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, then an online masters degree can put you on track to completing your studies quickly and earning the credentials required to practice independently.

6 Online Nursing Masters Degree

As the demand for skilled nursing professionals increases, more and more people are seeking educational opportunities to get a master’s degree in nursing. By pursuing an online nursing degree, you can be well on your way to becoming one of the most qualified nurses in your field.

7 Top Online Nursing Schools

  • University of Texas at Austin

This school is the largest academic institution in the state of Texas, with a total enrollment of more than 51,000 students. However, it offers a reasonably sized nursing program with only 500 to 600 students per year and boasts one of the highest acceptance rates among all nursing schools (97%). The program is offered through its School of Nursing & Health Science and can be completed in just two years. When you graduate from this program, you will receive an RN diploma.

8 Earn Your MSN Degree Online

If you want to earn your MSN degree online, you will love the flexibility and convenience this option offers. You can study at a time that works for you, regardless of your schedule or location. With an online masters in nursing degree, there are no limits on where or when you can study. This is not just for people who have already earned a bachelor’s degree; it’s also available for students who are still in high school!

The best part about earning an online masters in nursing program? You won’t have to relocate from where you live now! Most schools offer flexible terms and schedules so that students can get their degrees quickly and efficiently without having to sacrifice any more than necessary on their personal lives.

When choosing an online nursing master’s program, make sure that the program itself has all the qualities that matter to YOU! Some programs offer customized learning plans while others do not include these services at all–but every school has something unique about what they offer their students so don’t forget about checking out each individual school before making up YOUR mind which one suits YOU best!

9 Cost of Online Masters Degrees In Nursing

The costs of getting a master’s degree in nursing can vary widely depending on the program, school and state. The cost of an online masters degree in nursing is typically less than that of a traditional graduate program because there are no travel or living expenses. You may also be able to get financial aid or scholarships that are not available to those who choose an on-campus program.

The average cost for tuition per credit hour at schools offering online master’s degrees is $226 as of 2014 and has been rising steadily since 2010 when it was $202 per credit hour. The average undergraduate tuition rate for all colleges was around $6,300 for 2014 according to College Board data; however different types of schools charge different rates so make sure you check with each institution before committing yourself financially.

10 A guide to Online Masters Degrees In Nursing

Masters in nursing programs are designed to teach students how to practice nursing in a way that is evidence-based and patient-centered. These programs also teach students how to work with various populations and provide care in various settings. If you are considering pursuing an online masters degree in nursing, then it is important to know what types of degrees there are and where they can be found.

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is one type of master’s degree available for nurses who want advanced education opportunities beyond the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN). An MSN program allows nurses who already have their BSN degree or those who have earned other graduate degrees such as an MA or PhD, to earn their MSN as well. Many universities offer both online and onsite versions of their MSN program so that students can choose which format best suits them based on their schedule and location needs.


Nursing is a rewarding career, and the opportunities for growth are endless. If you have been thinking about pursuing your master’s degree in nursing, there are many options to consider. From online programs to campus based programs, there are many ways you can take classes without having to leave home or even travel regularly! The cost of these degrees vary but if you look hard enough there will always be something available for everyone’s budget.

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