Mba in massachusetts institute of technology

mba in massachusetts institute of technology


MIT Sloan Executive MBA Program is designed for mid-career executives poised at the brink of expanding their impact on the organization. It provides general management perspectives, an understanding of today’s business environment, foundations for lifelong learning and relationships with a diverse global network of peers. The program is offered at three locations: Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the US; Singapore; and Santiago, Chile.

The program is delivered in a blended learning model with 80 percent online sessions and 20 percent campus time (residential) spread over 18 months. The program comprises five modules each, 15 days long delivered on alternating weekends. The academic experience is further enriched by networking events like dinner or receptions with MIT faculty and guest speakers or organized trips to local attractions.


The MIT Sloan MBA Program curriculum is organized around our three pillars: entrepreneurship, innovation, and globalization. The core courses in the first year are designed to give you a broad foundation in general management. In the second year you can choose from a wide range of electives based on your interests and goals. For your elective courses, you can also take courses at other MIT schools and departments (e.g., engineering or architecture). A rich variety of options means that you can design your own program to suit your specific needs and interests. The introduction of an interdisciplinary business analytics master\’s program provides an opportunity for advanced study that incorporates both quantitative skills as well as business fundamentals.

In today\’s global economy, it is important for managers to understand the challenges faced by businesses worldwide. Thus, we have introduced the Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab), which gives students a unique opportunity to put their skills into practice in emerging economies through hands-on field work in international locations such as India, Tanzania, Chile and China


The MIT Sloan School of Management offers several areas of specialization, including consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, strategy and supply chain management. There is also a concentration available in systems engineering and technology & operations management. The school also offers an MBA program with a technology policy focus.


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Fee Structure

Tuition Fee

The cost of pursuing an MBA degree at Sloan Business School is $68,825. This amount includes tuition and fees, books, supplies and living expenses. Living expenses include rent, utilities, transportation and other miscellaneous costs. The total fee for a two-year program comes up to $138,595 for domestic students and $149,963 for international students.

Financial Aid

MIT Sloan School of Management believes in the philosophy that education should be accessible to all capable candidates irrespective of their financial status. Thus it provides a range of financial aid options to its students so that they can complete their program without having to worry about money matters. The school offers need based grants or scholarships in addition to the merit based fellowships listed below:


The average base salary of a graduate from the MIT Sloan MBA program is $150,000. With an average annual bonus of $30,000 and an average signing bonus of $25,000, total compensation during the first year after graduation equals roughly $205,000. The top employers include Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

One of the best MBA courses in the world

MIT’s Sloan School of Management is one of the best MBA schools in the world. You need to be prepared to study hard and spend a lot of money if you want to get in. The application process is difficult, but if you are accepted, there are good jobs waiting for you.

The fees are expensive, but so are the salaries that MBA students get after they graduate. This return on investment is high compared to other universities because Sloan has a great reputation for hiring only the very best students.

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