mcgill university acceptance rate

mcgill university acceptance rate

About McGill University

If you’re planning on getting a degree from McGill University, it’s important to know that the university has over 2,500 faculty members and more than 34,000 students.

As one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, McGill University is ranked #1 in Canada and #32 in the world. The university is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

There are over 300 student clubs and societies at McGill University.

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Canada founded in 1821.

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Canada founded in 1821. McGill University offers degrees and diplomas in over 300 fields of study and is one of Canada’s best-known institutions. It has two campuses: the lower campus located downtown near Old Montreal, and the upper campus located on Mount Royal.

McGill University is ranked first among Canadian universities for its reputation with employers, fourth worldwide by employer reputation by Times Higher Education. In 2018, Maclean’s ranked McGill second among all Canadian universities in the Medical-Doctoral category, behind only Toronto. The QS World University Rankings consistently rank McGill as one of the top 25 universities worldwide from 2010 to 2017, reaching 20th place globally in 2017 after declining to 26th place globally in 2016 from 19th place globally in 2015. The QS World University Rankings also rank McGill as Canada’s top university for humanities graduate prospects and overall graduate prospects (tied with Toronto at 34th globally).

Average GPA at McGill University

The average GPA for admitted students is 3.75 on a 4.0 scale, which means you need to have excellent grades to get into McGill!

In addition, the average GPA for admitted students is weighted, meaning it includes all grades from grade 9-12 in an applicant’s transcript; we are not sure whether this includes international transcripts as well.

The average GPA of an admitted student to McGill is 3.75/4.0 and SAT scores of 1470-1580 or ACT results of 33-34.

The average GPA at McGill is 3.75/4.0. In addition, the SAT scores of admitted applicants generally range from 1470-1580 and ACT results range from 33-34.

In order to be accepted into McGill, you must have strong grades and good test scores in all subtest areas.

Admission Rate at McGill University

Admission Rate at McGill University

McGill has a 40% acceptance rate, meaning that only 4 out of 10 students who apply are admitted. This number makes the school somewhat competitive to get into; you’ll need strong grades and test scores to be admitted.

McGill has an acceptance rate of 40 percent.

McGill has an acceptance rate of around 40 percent. This means that for every 100 students who apply, about 40 are admitted. The number of applicants and the number of accepted students determine the acceptance rate. The higher the acceptance rate, the better your chances of getting in. A high acceptance rate means that a school is not competitive, which makes it more likely that you will be admitted (since fewer people apply). The lower the acceptance rate, the more competitive it is. A lower acceptance rate indicates that it is harder to get into a school.

A 40% acceptance rate means that you need strong grades and good test scores to get into the school since it’s so competitive.

McGill is a highly selective university, with an acceptance rate of 40% for the class of 2022. Of the 34,000 applicants to McGill University for the class of 2022, 13,500 were offered admission and about 8,000 students enrolled for a total yield of 59%. The average SAT score for incoming first-year students was 1370.

The middle 50% percentiles for SAT scores are as follows:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 670 – 790
  • Math: 660 – 780

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