Meal Plans University Of Michigan

Meal Plans University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers four different meal plans, each with its own benefits. The gold plan has the most meals per week and is only $2,200 for the fall and spring semesters. It also allows you to use the dining hall anytime, not just during meal times. The platinum plan includes all of the benefits of gold plus a few more perks including late hours and discounts at local restaurants, stores, etc. Here’s a quick breakdown of each plan:

Specialty Meals

Specialty Meals

Specialty meals are offered for students who want to eat in the dining hall. They are not included in your meal plan, and therefore must be purchased separately. Below is a list of the specialty meals that we offer:

  • Beef Wellington (Gourmet) – $8.50
  • Taco Salad – $5.00
  • Sushi Salad (Sushi Bar) – $7.00
  • Shrimp & Grits (Southern Comfort) – $9.50

Platinum Meal Plan

The Platinum Meal Plan is available in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. The Platinum Plan includes a $500 Dining Dollars value and a $250 Block 175 value for $4,775 per quarter. You can use your Dining Dollars to pay for meals at any dining facility on campus or off-campus locations that accept the meal plan.

The Flex Dollars can be used at many different locations on campus, such as at the Union Shop, Target and Amazon to buy items not covered by other plans (such as groceries).

The Block 175 gives you access to the Macromarket on North Campus where you can get food items ranging from fresh fruits and veggies to sandwiches made by our student chefs!

Gold Meal Plan

The Gold Meal Plan allows you to eat in any dining hall, or on campus at restaurants and cafes. You can choose from the following meal options:

  • Block 175: 175 meals per week (one meal per day)
  • Block 150: 150 meals per week (one meal and a snack)
  • Block 125: 125 meals per week (two meals per day)

Meals per Week

The meal plan options at the University of Michigan are based on a semester, year, quarter or week. The number of meals you can use in any given period depends on your plan and how long before the next billing cycle rolls around.

There are also plans available for a day and an hour. These plans give students access to all three dining areas on campus as well as some off-campus locations such as Starbucks or Au Bon Pain.

Block 175

Block 175: 175 meals per semester

175 meals. That’s 10 meals per week, or 1 meal every 2.5 days. For $2,000/semester, you can get your hands on a lot of food—but it’s not all that easy to use up all those swipes in one go. With Block 175, though, you’ll have access to a rotating selection of menu items and dining halls (you won’t be stuck eating at Terrace). Since there are so many mouths to feed at this massive campus, we recommend spreading out your eating throughout the day so you don’t feel too stuffed!

Block 150

Block 150 is the most popular meal plan choice for students who want to eat at campus dining halls and also enjoy a variety of dining options outside of their residence halls. This plan provides students with access to all four UM Dining Centers, as well as The Hub and East Quad Dining Hall. Students also have access to the following locations with this plan:

  • The Lodge Company Store – Located in the North End Zone of Michigan Stadium, this store offers fans a chance to purchase officially licensed apparel from the official team shop
  • “The Big House” Concession Stand – If you’re having trouble finding something that tickles your fancy at one of our other locations, this stand is sure to have just what you’re looking for! You can find local fare here such as sandwiches, chips and soft drinks
  • Any Retail Location on Campus (including those run by Chartwells)

Block 125

Block 125

With 125 meals per semester, you’ll be able to eat at any dining center and restaurant on campus. This plan is for 12-18 credit hours and costs $3,250/year.

If you’re feeling like eating something off campus, or just want to grab some groceries from Kroger (or whatever your local store is), use your meal plan at a convenience store!

Great meal plan options offered at University of Michigan.

Meal plans are great for students who like to eat at the dining hall. Meal plans are great for students who like to cook. Meal plans are great for students who like to eat out. Meal plans are great for students who like to eat at the cafeteria.

Meal Plans University Of Michigan is one of the best in this industry because it offers so many different options and they’re all affordable!

There are many meal plan options at the University of Michigan, and we hope that this guide has helped you make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Whether your goal is to eat healthy on a budget or save money by eating in more often, there is a plan to meet all kinds of budgets.

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