midwifery schools in jamaica

midwifery schools in jamaica

Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University offers Baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in the areas of architecture, business, design and engineering. The University fosters learning through a strong liberal arts foundation and professional preparation that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, global awareness, leadership skills and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds. The midwifery program at Philadelphia University offers an on-campus education experience to its students. Students admitted to this program must be able to attend classes at the Philadelphia campus.

Luton and Dunstable Hospital School of Nursing

  • Established in 1885, Luton and Dunstable Hospital is a tertiary referral centre located in the town of Luton, England.
  • The hospital serves 500,000 people in Luton and Dunstable as well as patients from surrounding areas.
  • Facilities include an emergency department, intensive care unit, maternity unit and special care baby unit.

Frankfield Hospital Training Centre

With the main campus in Frankfield, Clarendon, and a satellite campus in May Pen, Clarendon, Frankfield Hospital Training Centre (FHTC) is one of many schools that offer nurse training in Jamaica. They offer certificates for one and two-year midwifery courses as well as three-year midwifery courses. The school has been around since the 1960s, when it was founded by Reverend Dr. J.H.L. Harris and his wife Mrs. Mavis Harris as a hospital with a small staff of nurses to aid the people of Frankfield and surrounding communities.

FHTC is affiliated with the University of Technology Jamaica (UTECH), which allows students to apply for their Bachelor’s in Midwifery at UTECH upon completion of studies there or at any other school offering the same type of certificate program—but students from FHTC who have completed their entry requirements will be given preference over those from other nurseries which are not affiliate schools with UTECH.

The cost to apply for coursework at FHTC is $25 (£20 GBP), to be paid by postal order, cashier’s cheque or money order only; personal checks will not be accepted for application fees under any circumstances

St. Joseph Hospital School of Midwifery

Midwives are trained healthcare professionals who have a unique role in the provision of maternity care. They provide care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth and also provide care for women and their babies after birth.

You should consider this school if you are interested in midwifery. If you decide to go to this school, then on graduation day you will be recognized as a Registered Midwife (RM) by the Nursing Council of Jamaica.

Victoria Jubilee Hospital School of Midwifery

  • History: The Victoria Jubilee Hospital School of Midwifery was established in 1899 by the King’s Daughters of England, along with the Children’s Aid Society.
  • Location: 37 Swallowfield Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica
  • Enrolment: About 100 students are enrolled.
  • Courses offered: 3-year Midwifery Certificate Program; 5-year Registered General Nurse/Registered Midwife (RGN/RM) Diploma Program; BSc Nursing (Community Health Nursing); and MSc Nursing (Maternal and Child Health).
  • Curriculum: The curriculum includes both theory and practical components including anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pathology, obstetrics and gynecology, professional nursing practicum I & II. Students also gain practical experience through clinical rotations at Victoria Jubilee Hospital as well as a number of other hospitals islandwide.
  • Staffing: There are 20 staff members at the school including a Principal, a Deputy Principal – Administration who is also in charge of the 3-year program that is offered by the school; two Senior Lecturers who are also coordinators for their respective diploma programs which are offered by the school; seven Lecturers who are assigned to various courses within each program; four lab technicians who assist with all aspects of teaching/learning within each program; three administrative personnel one of whom is responsible for student registration and accommodation for all students enrolled in any program at the school. Additionally there is one security person on duty during regular working hours Monday – Friday.

Spanish Town Hospital Training Centre

The midwifery school in Jamaica is called Spanish Town Hospital Training Centre

Spanish Town Hospital Training Centre, also known as St. Catherine Hospital Midwifery School, is a hospital located in Spanish Town, Jamaica. The center offers a two-year program for training midwives and lactation consultants so that they can help expectant mothers with the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. It was founded in 1894 by Dr. Janet Cooper and Dr. Nelbert Chase. In addition to providing health care services to women who are pregnant or have recently given birth, the center also has a maternity unit where babies are born into their new homes after coming into this world naturally with their mothers’ loving arms waiting to hold onto them forevermore.

The staff at STHTC helps mothers prepare mentally and physically for childbirth

In doing so they provide everything from prenatal classes which teach proper nutrition during pregnancy; parenting workshops so parents can learn how best care for their children once they’re born; an education program that prepares students to enter careers related fields such as nursing or social work; support services like counseling sessions with professionals who specialize in helping people cope with grief loss due its impact on family relationships when someone dies unexpectedly or suddenly dies before getting married having children themselves someday down road after many years together but still being left behind those loved one’s life partner had planned share together .

Port Maria Hospital School of Midwifery

Interested in Port Maria Hospital School of Midwifery for your midwifery training? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Located in the northeastern parish of St. Mary, this hospital and school offer two courses of study, both taking around one year to complete. The first is a certified nursing assistant program; the second is a registered practical nursing course. The latter includes some midwifery training and can lead to employment as a midwife upon graduation.
  • To apply, pick up an application form in person at the hospital, fill it out with all relevant documents attached, then return it there by hand or by mail. As part of your application package, include two letters of recommendation from credible sources who can attest to your abilities—one academic reference and one personal reference are ideal—as well as proof that you’ve completed high school (i.e., copies of your diploma or certificates).
  • The deadline for applications is March 31st each year; if you’re not sure whether you’ll be accepted into the program, you can call their office with any questions at 876-997-2490 before submitting your paperwork.

Savanna-la-mar General Hospital Training Centre

Savanna-la-mar General Hospital Training Centre, located in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland, is one of the best midwifery schools in Jamaica and offers a two year programme. Graduates of this institution are granted a Diploma through MOH/CBAF.

For more information on how to apply to study at Savanna-la-mar General Hospital Training Centre or to see if you qualify, please email the school directly: [email protected]

Mandeville Regional Hospital School of Midwifery

Mandeville Regional Hospital School of Midwifery

Address: 18 Hillcrest Avenue, Mandeville, Manchester

Established: 1948

What the school does: The school offers a 2-year certificate in midwifery. Where possible, clinical experience is provided at the hospital.

Number of students/graduates per year: 100

Jamaican midwives are trained in several schools.

Jamaican midwives are trained in several schools, including Philadelphia University and Luton and Dunstable Hospital School of Nursing, but the Frankfield Hospital Training Centre is considered the leading school for midwifery in Jamaica.

Jamaican hospitals only have a handful of trained midwives, which is why it’s so important that you choose a hospital that partners with skilled midwives.

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