morehouse college acceptance rate

morehouse college acceptance rate

Morehouse admittance rate: 29.9%

Applicants who want to attend one of the most prestigious black colleges in America face a notoriously small acceptance rate—29.9% for freshman and 20.8% for transfer students, according to U.S. News & World Report. Morehouse College has a reputation for providing first-rate education and mentorship opportunities for its elite, small student body. Although the admission rate is quite low, Morehouse’s campus offers high-quality amenities that make it easy to feel at home when you’re away from home.

Though the college has been consistently around 30% over the last few years, this acceptance rate is still much lower than those of many other American schools; Harvard University accepts 6%, NYU 14%, Yale 15%, and Princeton 11%. The school’s acceptance rate is also higher than that of three Ivy League schools: Harvard (5%), Yale (10%), and Princeton (6%).

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The school accepted 1,810 students.

Morehouse College was founded in 1867 and has a long history of producing some of the world’s most influential black thinkers. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Morehouse is a private liberal arts college and a constituent college of the Columbia University System. In 2015, Morehouse College had an acceptance rate of 26 percent for its incoming freshmen class. The school received almost 3,500 applications for admission from prospective students. Of those offered admission, 1,810 chose to accept their offer to attend Morehouse College. Another 260 were denied admission that year and 690 applicants did not reply to the school’s offer.

After enrolling 740 new students in 2015, Morehouse College currently holds a total enrollment of 2,700 students across all programs offered at the school. This includes undergraduate programs as well as dual-degree programs through which students can earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years of beginning their studies at Morehouse College. The school also offers combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees in partnership with schools such as Columbia University Teachers’ College.

Morehouse College has an open admissions policy which means that it does not require high school transcripts from applicants or have an application fee for first-year students who wish to be considered for admission into one of its undergraduate degree programs for the upcoming academic year (2016-2017).

The applied 18,674.

The applied 18,674 students in the class of 2017. The acceptance rate for the incoming class was a record-breaking 44 percent.

The 2020 college admissions season was a record year for the number of students who applied to Morehouse College in Atlanta.

It was a historic year for the number of applications received at Morehouse College. Out of the 2,000 applicants who applied to attend in 2020, only 196 were accepted—a record low for the school. The prior record low was set just last year. Although acceptance rates are not necessarily correlated with a school’s quality or prestige, it does give you an idea about how selective it is as an institution.

Now that you know how selective Morehouse College is, let’s take a closer look at what makes it special, and how this knowledge might help you think about your own college search.

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