motivational letter for masters

motivational letter for masters


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Personal statement

Your personal statement is an important part of your application: it will help selectors to decide whether you are good match for the programme you have applied for and, just as importantly, whether the programme is right for you. The personal statement should be unique to you and tailored to the programme that you are applying for. It should focus on why you want to study this subject at university level and what makes you suitable for a course in this area (e.g. relevant experience, study interests, etc.).

You can use a maximum of 4,000 characters (47 lines of text) or 47 lines of text whichever comes first.

Reason for leaving

  • Give notice. Leaving your job on good terms is important, both for you and the company. Say thank you to your boss and co-workers for the opportunities they have given you with a card, or even just an email if necessary. Don’t burn any bridges!
  • Make your exit plan known. Let your boss know how much time you will need to tie up loose ends before leaving. This will give them enough time to find a replacement.
  • Leave everything in order. When you leave, make sure your desk is clean, there are no projects left unfinished, and that all the documents you were working on have been properly archived so that whoever replaces you won’t be confused about where things stand when they come on board.

Future career objectives

After completing my Master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering, I would like to work for a consulting firm such as GHD. The reason I have chosen this specific firm is because of the dynamic working environment and the considerable number of projects they are involved in. In addition to their large client base, they have a strong foothold internationally meaning that there is potential for me to travel and work across Europe. Having already worked with the company on several occasions during my final year project and internship, I believe that I have the necessary skillset required to thrive in an engineering position at GHD.

you will receive a motivational letter from the university if you are allowed to begin your masters program.

You can also include any of the following:

  • List of colleges you have been accepted to
  • List of schools you have been rejected by
  • List of schools you have been waitlisted by
  • List of schools you have received a scholarship from
  • List of schools you have received financial aid from

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