Music Schools That Don’t Require Auditions

The Seattle area is home to many of the country’s most talented music producers and engineers. The city has a deep history of music production, from Jimi Hendrix to Quincy Jones to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The Northwest region as a whole offers myriad opportunities for aspiring music professionals to hone their skills and get real-world experience in studios and on stages.

Here are some of the best music production schools in Washington State:

Schools Offering Music Production Programs In Washington State

In Seattle, University of Washington offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Production & Engineering. Students can also choose between two tracks: recording or mixing/mastering. This program is designed for students who want to pursue careers in both commercial and independent recording studios as well as live sound engineering; it emphasizes both technical skills as well as artistic sensibilities.

In Bothell, North Seattle Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Audio Technology that focuses on audio technology and its role in media creation, communication and performance. Graduates will be prepared for employment upon graduation with positions such as audio technician, recording engineer or producer assistant. The program includes courses like Digital Media Technology II: Audio Recording Studio Operations; Computer-Based Recording Systems; Music

Music Schools That Don’t Require Auditions

In this post, I’m going to share some of the best music schools that don’t require auditions. These schools are some of the most prestigious in the world, and they’re also very selective.

Some of these schools don’t require auditions because they have a large number of applicants each year, but others simply don’t have an audition process because they’re not looking for specific skills or talents in their students.

The following list includes some of the best schools that don’t require auditions:

Juilliard School

Yale University School of Music

Eastman School of Music

Berklee College of Music

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