near east university fees for nursing

near east university fees for nursing

2020-2021 NEU Tuition Fees

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Tuition fees for international students are as follows:

  • Nursing (4years) – 9200 USD / year
  • Faculty of Law (4years) – 8500 USD / year
  • School of Technology (4 years) – 6000 USD / year
  • Faculty of Fine Arts (4 years) – 7000 USD / Year
  • Faculty of Architecture (5 Years)- 7900 USD/ Year

Tuition fees may vary each year depending on exchange rate.

The tuition fees may vary each year depending on the exchange rate.


Health Sciences (Medical School): The Faculty of Health Sciences includes the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing and Midwifery.


The cost of studying nursing in Near East University is 13,000 USD. This includes textbooks, accommodation, food, university entrance exam and all exams. It also includes graduation as well as other expenses such as visa, flight and medical insurance.


Medicine is regarded as one of the most expensive courses offered at Near East University. The course is 4-5 years long and the fees are in US dollars. The tuition fee changes every year, however it typically ranges from 10,000 to 14,000 USD. This fee is the same for both local and international students.


Dentistry, also known as dental medicine and oral medicine, is a branch of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity. A dentist is a health professional who specializes in dental care. Dentists can treat gum disease and carry out cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and straightening; they can also perform corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum disease.

Anesthesia and reanimation

Anesthesia is a way to control pain during a surgery or procedure by using medicine called anesthetics. Anesthetics are drugs that cause reversible loss of sensation or consciousness. Anesthesia can be:

  • Local anesthesia, which numbs only a small area of the body
  • Regional anesthesia, which numbs a larger part of the body
  • General anesthesia, which causes you to lose consciousness
  • Sedation, which helps you relax and may cause drowsiness and confusion.

Health management

The Health Management programs are designed for those who have an interest in health sciences, but do not have a clinical background. All of the Health Management programs provide a solid foundation and understanding of the many issues associated with public health. NEU’s Health Management programs focus on critical thinking and decision-making skills to enhance the ability of graduates to help improve the nation’s healthcare system and positively impact public health through their leadership positions.

The tuition fees for undergraduate students at Near East University, North Cyprus is 2,200 Euro per semester (4,400 Euro per annum). The exchange rate between the US dollar ($) & Turkish Lira (TL) fluctuates according to daily global market forces. On 17th January 2019, 1 USD was equal to 6.60 TL which made 1 Euro equal 7.40 TL and therefore $638 equaled 4,400 TL.


As a recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan School of Nursing, we know that there are many different types of nursing degrees available, but this is the one that we chose to pursue. Our goal was to obtain a degree in Gastroenterology and become an expert on digestive disorders.

To those just starting out and wondering whether they should become a nurse or physician assistant (a type of nurse), it should be made clear that the latter is not only cheaper but also more up-to-date than the former. If you’re planning on pursuing nursing as a career, you’ll want to make sure your future employer will be able to offer you benefits such as paid holidays, long-term disability coverage and health insurance. You may also want to look for opportunities for advancement in your chosen field so you can reach management positions or move up within health care organizations. In short: it’s important for nurses and physicians assistants (NPs) alike to keep up with changes in health care policy, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

This program is available to students from all branches of medicine, in addition to nursing. This course is a bachelor’s degree.


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The tuition fees may change according to the exchange rates.

The tuition fees may change according to the exchange rates.

The annual tuition fees are paid in two installments.

The tuition fees may not be refunded in case of any withdrawal.

The tuition fees may change each year.

Tuition Fees will be paid in TL (Turkish Lira).

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