nef grant

nef grant

The National Education Foundation (NEF) has provided grants for over 25 years with the goal of funding projects aimed at improving the quality of education in the United States.

NEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing grants to K-12 public schools, charter schools, public school districts, and state education agencies. NEF also provides supplemental services such as advising and technical assistance to grantees in order to increase the quality of their work. Since its founding in 1988, NEF has provided grants for over 25 years with the goal of funding projects aimed at improving the quality of education in the United States.

To qualify for a NEF grant, applicants must submit a project plan describing how they would use funds awarded by NEF to improve student achievement or teacher effectiveness through innovative teaching strategies. In addition, applicants must provide information about their past experience with similar projects and demonstrate that they have access to resources needed for successful implementation (e.g., staff time) outside those provided by NEF funding alone.

The NEF website lists nine ways that grant money from NEF can be used to improve educational programs, including the following:

  • Supporting students. This can include academic support, social-emotional learning programs and support, creating opportunities to increase family involvement, or improving school culture or climate.
  • Improving student outcomes. This can include piloting or implementing programs that enhance student achievement (i.e., reading, math) or providing data-driven solutions to improve student performance in core subjects like math and reading.
  • Developing new methods of instruction. This can include developing new teaching strategies, trying out new instructional delivery models, incorporating innovative technologies in the classroom, improving teacher professional development opportunities and practices, or supporting community initiatives that address educational needs outside of school hours.

In addition to the grant money, applicants may also participate in professional development training opportunities and make use of mentorship programs.

Applicants may be eligible for additional benefits, including mentorship programs, professional development training opportunities, and more.

  • Mentorship programs are a great way to form connections with other people in your field. You can either offer your own talents by becoming a mentor to someone else, or you can look for an individual who is willing to provide you with advice and guidance as you work on your project.
  • Professional development training opportunities can help you gain access to classes or workshops that will enhance your skillset, thus increasing the effectiveness of your work.

Other benefits of grant funding include:

  • The ability to make an impact in your community: Funding from nef can help you implement a project that will positively affect the people in and around Dawson City—and it may even lead to larger-scale projects down the line!
  • The opportunity to work on something that matters: Whether it’s a career goal or just something important personally, getting funding from nef means being able to spend time working on things that matter most.

Grants from NEF have been used to fund many different educational projects.

Grants from the National Education Foundation have been used to fund many different educational projects. Specifically, teachers can apply for grants that:

  • Fund specific projects that are designed to further enrich and engage students with the subject areas being taught
  • Allow for professional development opportunities for themselves, which will in turn benefit their students
  • Create mentorship programs within a school or district

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