New Careers For Former Teachers

New Careers For Former Teachers

If you are a former teacher, there are many different careers that you could pursue. A few of these careers include:

  1. Tutor: You could become a tutor and help students who are struggling with their subjects. If you have an interest in teaching children or adults, this is something that you should consider doing.
  2. College Professor: If you want to teach but don’t want to deal with the actual teaching, then becoming a college professor might be for you. This allows you to teach without having to worry about being around children all day long.
  3. College Administrator: If you’re looking for something more than just teaching, then becoming a college administrator might be perfect for you. This will allow you to have more responsibility than just being a teacher but not as much responsibility as being an administrator at a university level institution would come with too much stress on your part.

New Careers For Former Teachers

If traditional teaching is no longer in your plans, there are many other opportunities out there. Absolutely, Your teaching skills will translate into another career. Here are just a few ideas on how to transition from teaching with confidence.

1. Corporate Trainer: Best jobs for former teachers who love presenting

Corporate trainers are responsible for the continuing education of a company’s employees and a great job for former teachers. You’ll be responsible for teaching employees new skills, techniques, and procedures. Building lessons for clients and teaching employees, you’ll focus on the company’s goals and big projects.

As a corporate trainer, you’ll need to be able to create and give presentations using digital media. You will need to work with teams and individuals to identify problems and solutions, be efficient, and most importantly have great organizational skills. Here is an episode of the Teacher Career Coach Podcast that explains why teachers make such great corporate trainers.

2. Education Consultant: Best jobs for teacher leaders

Unfortunately, educational consulting is hard to define as it’s a vague position that can mean a variety of things. Some education consultant positions combine teaching and administrative skills to provide qualitative advice on school policies and procedures. Differing from other education consultants can serve as advisors on textbook projects, government agencies, or non-profit think tanks. The majority of educational consultants you may be familiar with teachers (or former teachers) who own their own business presenting professional development for schools and districts.

Education Consultant is one of the best jobs for ex-teachers with analytic, organizing, and planning skills who have a background in curriculum building. Learn more educational consultant jobs.

3. Educational Sales Representative: Best jobs for teachers who know pedagogy

Do not be afraid of educational sales. Sales Representatives are responsible for identifying sales and closing deals between education companies and schools. Other responsibilities include making campus visits for demonstrations, answering client questions about logistics and the textbook itself, and making sales calls. For teachers with an affinity for building relationships, a position selling can help you take your passion for education beyond your own classroom and into hundreds more.

Importantly, sales positions are not always “pushy” positions focused on selling to cold customers. The sales representatives at many education companies are more focused on picking the RIGHT product for the customer (like the right curriculum for a school based on its demographics), which would be a perfect fit for a former teacher. Hear an interview with a teacher who now works in educational sales here.


To repeat, educational sales representatives need to understand how the product is used in the classroom. You’ll also want to focus on being highly organized and an excellent note taker. Most importantly you’ll need the ability to give great presentations and effective communication skills.

4. Museum Education Director: Best careers for former teachers who love history or art

2021 update: these positions are not common or easy to find during the pandemic. I am leaving this in the article in the hopes that things open up soon.

If you’re the teacher that finds an excuse to visit a museum for every field trip, consider transitioning to the museum education field. Museum Education Directors are tasked with making sure visitors are engaged in learning experiences that relate to the museum’s collection. For those with a passion for storytelling and connecting with the curious of any age, this position can be a wonderful use of your teaching skills. One of the many reasons why museum positions are perfect jobs for former teachers.

Here’s a tip! There are a wide variety of other educational positions within museums that may interest former teachers, including specialist positions and program directors. If you’d like your job searches to include these positions, your search term should be “museum educator.”

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5. Writing positions: Best jobs for ex-teachers with amazing writing skills

Your expertise of running a red pen through essay after essay can help you. Consider a transition to the world of professional copy editing or copywriting. The basics of being an editor are simple; you’ll read content and edit it with a sharp eye for clarity, conciseness, and evocativeness. There are a variety of different ways you can find employment with editing jobs. Former teachers can start with traditional positions with newspapers or magazines or try freelance positions from the comfort of your coffee table.

Also, you may also be interested in learning copywriting. Copywriting is a specific style of writing that is most commonly used for sales, sales pages, and emails. Check out my interview with a former teacher turned copywriter here.


Editors need a strong understanding of the writing process, including editing and revision, the ability to evaluate story pitches, and develop your own ideas in relation to your audience.

6. Customer Success Manager: Jobs for former teachers who love relationships

Without a doubt, CSM positions are great jobs for former teachers. Especially at education companies. Customer success (not be confused with customer support, more like the “help desk” of supporting customers) relies on relationship building. Customer success is a proactive role that ensures that the customer is happy and using the product to its full potential. While the overall goal of customer success is to ensure renewals for future purchases, they may also be tasked with implementation and training. If you’re working for an education company, this is a fantastic fit for you. As a former teacher, you’ll know the customer’s needs and potential objections or pain points without them every having to express them!

Listen to my interview with a former teacher turned customer engagement specialist here.


Customer Success Managers are great with client communication; experience organizing schedules, calls, and meetings; and aptitude in identifying the needs and wants of educators in relation to sales goals.

7. Project Manager: Best jobs for former teachers who are self-motivated

Project managers are team leaders that help companies meet their objectives. If you are highly motivated and organized, this may be a great fit for you. Project managers use productivity software to help them delegate responsibilities and set goals. Look into this position if you are highly organized, LOVE planning big projects (like curriculum mapping), creating structured timelines, and leading others.

8. Educational Toy Companies: Best jobs for ex-teachers with a passion for play

Employment at an educational toy company can mean a variety of things. You could be a salesperson who travels throughout the educational system showing off the benefits of your toy, an educational toy designer, or an educational consultant who drives the company’s main mission. Each one of these positions allows you to take your passion for teaching to work each day and play with it.


To work for an educational toy company, you’ll need a knack for conveying education and learning concepts through toys. Experience or aptitude working as a member of an innovative team and the readiness to use digital and social media to connect with educators and parents is key.

9. HR Learning & Development Specialist: Best jobs for ex-teachers who love presenting at PDs

A career in HR Learning & Development is perfect for those who have a passion for creating and implementing courses. This is one of the most common jobs for former teachers who are leaving education altogether. HR professionals spend the majority of their time planning, creating, and improving training courses designed to help new employees transition smoothly into their roles. Love analyzing your own lesson plans for content gaps? This career will make good use of your skills.


HR Learning & Development Specialists need the ability to create course material and accompanying training instructions. Proficiency in using digital media and communication is key. Insight into how trainee feedback can be used to improve training materials is also helpful.

Listen to my interview with a former teacher turned Human Resources professional.

10. Non-Profit Professional: Jobs for teachers who are intrinsically motivated

While the teaching profession is a noble endeavor, you can add more purpose points on your do-good ledger by taking your talents to the non-profit sector. A passion for helping others can help teachers make the transition to a number of positions within non-profit organizations. Non-profits require many different types of positions to operate properly. Common examples include management positions, accounting, digital media, and communications.


As a Non-Profit Professional you’ll need the willingness to play a small part of bigger mission. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are key. A deep understanding of how digital media and communication drive engagement could also be helpful in your new position.

11. Tutoring: Best jobs for teachers who want to earn side income

The gig economy revolution is all the rage right now. For entrepreneurial-minded individuals, this on-demand option could be perfect for you. Many people are trading in the 40-hour 9-to-5 for flexible schedules and control over their income. Instead of teaching a classroom of 30 students, you can choose who, when, and where you want to teach – and how many. Choose to work a group of students or on a one-on-one basis. It’s up to you.

In the digital age, it’s even easier to market your small business and to spread the word that you are a teacher for hire.

12. Instructional Designer: Jobs for former teachers who LOVE teaching online

It’s no secret that the internet has altered everything we do. If you enjoy creating learning materials and technology, this may be the right path for you. Instructional designers create the eLearning resources and online training for a variety of industries. Instructional design is one of the top roles for teachers outside of the classroom – but it is one of the most competitive as well.

While you have a leg up above someone with NO teaching experience, it’s important to realize you’ll need to learn the industry standard tools for this position. You can learn more about adding skillsets to your instructional designer resume here.

13. Curriculum Writer: Best jobs for ex-teachers with an eye for detail

Curriculum Writers are tasked with researching and developing lessons, including materials and activities. Your work will contribute to the structure of programs for lower, middle and higher education. A career in curriculum design can easily translate into various opportunities, including companies, organizations, and government agencies.

Do you have a knack for writing outlines and technical writing, as well as supreme time management and organizational skills? You may be able to easily transition into curriculum writing.

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