Nj Board Of Nursing License Verification

If you want to search for a license, this is the place to start.

Nj Board Of Nursing License Verification

1 New Jersey Board Of Nursing

The New Jersey Board of Nursing is a state agency responsible for regulating the practice of nursing in the state of New Jersey. The board’s mission statement is “to protect, promote, and advance the health, safety, education and welfare of patients served by registered nurses.”

2 New Jersey Board Of Nursing License Verification

The New Jersey Board of Nursing can be contacted in several ways. You can verify a license by visiting the board’s website, calling them or faxing them. You can also send your request by mail to:

New Jersey Board of Nursing

PO Box 45011

Trenton, NJ 08650-5011

3 Nj Board Of Nursing License Lookup

  • Search by Name or License Number
  • Search by City, Zip Code, or Address
  • Search by License Type
  • Search by License Status: Active/Inactive; Issued/Denied/Cancelled; Limited; Revoked and Expired
  • Search by License Expiration Date

4 Nj Licence Verification

Nj Licence Verification

You can verify the license by phone or online. You can also verify the license in person. You can verify the license by mail. You can verify the license by fax, email, or text message if you possess a mobile device that has access to these services and are able to read/write at least three of these languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

5 Nj Board Of Nursing License Renewal

If your nursing license is due for renewal, you may be wondering what to do about it. The process is relatively simple, requiring only a few steps and some paperwork. Here’s how to get started:

  • Find the right form

The first step in renewing your nursing license is finding the appropriate application form. You can find this online or by going to the New Jersey Board of Nursing website and clicking “Nurse License Renewal.” In order to fill out this form correctly, you will need all of your information readily available—including any changes in address or personal details since last year. After filling out this part of the process online or through mail, make sure all necessary documents are attached (such as proof of citizenship).

  • Pay fees and submit documents

Next up on our list: paying fees! The amount differs depending on whether you are currently employed as an RN or if you have retired from working altogether; however, regardless of occupation status there are still different amounts depending on how long ago one graduated from school (with prices varying based on years spent at university). These costs should be paid either through credit card or check/money order depending upon which method was selected when completing step 1 above; additionally there will be an additional fee charged per item submitted via mail rather than electronically transmitted through internet banking services like PayPal® so keep track of these costs before submitting anything else!

6 Nj Nurse License Lookup

You can search for a license by name or license number.

  • Type in the name of the nurse whose information you would like to find.
  • Enter their last name, then enter their first initial and middle initial (if applicable). The system will automatically fill in “NPN” for New Jersey nursing practitioner number.

You can also search by location. Type in a city, county or region of interest – “Atlantic City,” for example – and you’ll be provided with all nurses who hold current licenses within that area.* Type in any combination of two letters that represent a county or region (example: Bergen County) to receive results that are close enough to your search criteria.* If nothing comes up on your first try, make sure you spelled everything correctly before trying again with slightly different parameters.

7 If you want to search for a license, this is the place to start.

The New Jersey Board of Nursing provides online access to the nursing license database. This is an easy and convenient way to verify a nurse’s status in New Jersey.

For example, if you want to search for a license, this is the place to start. If you want to confirm that someone has renewed his or her nursing license, this is where you should go next. And if you are looking for information about nurse licensure renewal or any other aspect of licensing requirements in New Jersey, then this is a great resource because it allows users quick access to many different types of information such as phone numbers and addresses of various agencies related with nursing licensure renewal requirements as well as some general information about licensing regulations themselves (e.g., when do I need revalidation?).


If you have been searching for a place to find out about the status of your license, this is the best place to start. It’s easy, fast and reliable.

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