Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools In Ga

The Nuclear Medicine Technologist program at Georgia Highlands College is located in Rome, Georgia. The school offers two different programs: a certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology and an associate degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. Both programs are designed to prepare students for employment as nuclear medicine technologists.

Nuclear medicine technologists use their knowledge of physics and chemistry to perform diagnostic tests that utilize radioactive isotopes. These isotopes are injected into the body and then detected by special cameras or other devices. The information collected by these devices is then used by physicians to diagnose disease and determine treatment options.

Nuclear medicine technology is a rapidly growing field with excellent job prospects for qualified professionals. The average salary for nuclear medicine technologists was $71,770 in 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools In Ga

Nuclear medicine technologists are more commonly known as nuclear medicine technologists. They are responsible for the imaging of patients’ body parts by using radioactive material. They administer radioisotopes and other chemicals to patients. The radioactive particles are used to diagnose and treat diseases. Nuclear medicine technologists are also known as radiologic technologists or nuclear medicine technologists.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Salary

The average salary of a nuclear medicine technician is $58,000 annually with a range between $43,000 to $77,000 depending on location and experience level. A nuclear medicine tech earns about $34/hour on average.

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