Nurse Salary in Canada Vs US

Nurse Salary in Canada Vs US

nurse salary canada vs us

There’s a big difference between a nurse salary in Canada and the US. Despite the fact that both countries offer high-quality health care, nurses in Canada receive significantly higher salaries than their US counterparts. In addition, nurses in Canada can afford to travel or even upgrade their homes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median salaries for nurses in Canada top $86,462. However, these figures are not representative of the entire profession.

As of 2012, nursing salaries in Canada and the United States are nearly identical. While the average Canadian nurse makes $154,390 per year, the average American nurse earns approximately $8635 per month. The difference is most pronounced in the lower cost of living in urban areas, where the cost of living is more expensive than in rural areas. As for nursing salary in Canada, nurses in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary earn on average more than US nurses.

While American registered nurses are usually paid over six hundred dollars per hour, Canadian registered nurses earn on average more than $70,042. Considering the lower cost of living and the availability of universal health coverage, the Canadian nurse salary is significantly higher than the US average. Jay Brown offers some thoughts on the difference between nurse salaries in the two countries. And here’s a look at some of the differences between nurse salaries in Canada and the US:

The difference between the nurse salaries in the US and Canada is largely dependent on the specific country you live in. The US average is 61,400 USD, while the average Canadian wage is approximately $32,000 CAD, which is slightly lower than the average US salary. Regardless of which country you’re living in, it’s important to note that nursing salaries in both countries are very generous. However, if you’re considering a move to Canada, consider the benefits of the job.

The average salary for a nurse in Canada is higher than in the US. However, there are differences in the pay levels in the two countries. RNs in Canada earn on average $49,608 compared with a U.S. RNs earn on average $31,000 in the US. Whether a Canadian nurse has the same or lower experience will affect the salary in their country. If you’re in a position where seniority is important, you’ll want to consider a higher pay grade.

In Canada, there are over 300,000 nurses. This includes registered nurses, psychiatric nurses, and geriatric nurses. In addition, over half of these workers are women. Compared to their American counterparts, the Canadians earn a slightly higher average salary. The US, however, the difference between nurse salaries in Canada and the US is substantial. In most cases, a nurse in Canada is paid significantly less than the American, which is often due to different cultural norms.

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