Nursing Board Florida License Verification

The Florida Board of Nursing (FBN) is a state agency that licenses nurses and regulates their practice. The board provides information about licensing requirements, including how to verify your license as well as how to renew or change it. When working with patients or employers, you must provide them with proof that your license is active at all times. This means having a current and valid license before you start working in the healthcare field

Nursing Board Florida License Verification

1 Nursing Board Florida License Verification

Nurses are required to keep their credentials up-to-date and report any changes in their license on time. Nurses are also expected to follow nursing practice standards, which are outlined in the Nurse Practice Act of Florida. Lastly, nurses must be competent in providing safe care for patients.

To verify your status as a licensed nurse in Florida, you can either call your state board directly or submit your information online through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website (NCSBN).

2 Why Do You Need to Verify Your License?

There are many reasons why you will want to verify your license:

  • You are eligible to practice nursing in the state of Florida.
  • Your employer needs verification of your license so that they can ensure they are covering you appropriately.
  • Your insurance company requires verification to make sure you’re covered for treatment related things like surgeries and prescriptions, among other things.
  • Reimbursement agencies also require verification in order to process claims, as well as continuing education credits for nurses who wish to continue their education beyond high school

3 How Can You Get a Copy of Your Florida License?

You can receive a copy of your license from the Florida Board of Nursing by:

  • Submitting an online request to the nursing board.
  • Contacting the local office of your state board and requesting a copy.

You can also get a copy from your former employer, school or clinic where you worked as a nurse if they have kept their own records for nurses’ licenses.

4 What Does Florida Licensure Involve?

To become a registered nurse in Florida, you must:

  • Have a license from the Board of Nursing.
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • Have a degree from an accredited nursing program.
  • Complete a criminal background check and pay for it to be done by the agency.

The Board of Nursing is responsible for enforcing the Nurse Practice Act (NPA), which regulates how nurses practice and protects patients from harm resulting from incompetence or misconduct by nurses. The NPA requires that all RNs agree to its terms before they can practice in Florida

5 Patient safety is the most important thing for any health care provider. And it is in your and the patient’s best interest when you have a valid license. For this reason, each employer requires you to verify your license before they allow you to practice. You can also use the license verification process if you want to change jobs or move to another state. If a new employer wants to check your credentials, they need a copy of your current license and proof that it is active. As a nurse, you are required by law to follow nursing practice standards and be competent in providing safe care for patients. The Florida State Department of Health makes sure that all nurses meet the necessary requirements before they get their licenses. The state board keeps records of all licensed health care providers including nurses, physicians and other health professions. A nurse is responsible for reporting any changes in their license on time and keeping their record up-to-date with the board.

As a health care provider, your safety and the safety of your patients are very important. That is why it’s important to verify that you have the right license before working as a nurse or in any other capacity.

When it comes to medical jobs, verification is required by employers because they want to make sure that their employees are competent and qualified to perform their duties.

In order for an employer or facility director to hire you if they can check with the board that confirms your credentials are valid. It means putting yourself at risk of being arrested if someone else uses your name fraudulently while holding a job outside of nursing practice standards which could result in serious injury or death of others around them.


The nursing board Florida License Verification process is very simple. All you need to do is contact the Florida State Department of Health and ask for a copy of your license. Once they send it back, you can use this information as proof that your license is still active when applying for jobs or moving to another state. You may also want to check with other states who require licensure verification before hiring nurses from outside their borders.

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