Nursing Diagnosis For Wound Infection

Wound infection is a very common problem that many people suffer from. It can be very serious in some cases, which is why it’s important to identify and treat the condition quickly. Wound infection occurs when bacteria enters through an open wound or sore on your body and starts growing inside of it. A diagnosis of wound infection can be made based on symptoms like pain, swelling, redness, warmth or oozing pus from the infected area. Nursing diagnoses are used by nurses to help them identify the patient’s needs so they can provide appropriate care for their patients during treatment or recovery stages.

Nursing Diagnosis For Wound Infection

1. Nursing diagnosis for wound infection are as follows:

The nursing diagnoses for wound infection are as follows:

  • Risk for infection
  • Risk for acute pain
  • Impaired skin integrity

2. Risk for Infection

Risk for infection is increased when the wound is open and not covered. If the wound is not cleansed properly and covered with a sterile dressing, there will be an increased risk of infection.

3. Risk For Acute Pain

Acute pain is the type of pain that is experienced by the patient. It can be described as sharp, stabbing, burning and throbbing. Acute pain may occur as a direct result of your wound infection or as an indirect result (e.g., due to surgery).

The nurse should monitor acute pain and intervene if it becomes severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities such as walking or sleeping

4. Impaired Skin Integrity

  • Skin integrity is the ability of the skin to resist penetration by external agents, to maintain moisture and to prevent loss of body heat.
  • The nurse should evaluate for risk factors for impaired skin integrity and provide interventions that support optimal skin integrity.

5. Here is some nursing diagnosis that can be used to care for wound infection patient

Here is some nursing diagnosis that can be used to care for wound infection patient:

  • Risk for Infection
  • Risk For Acute Pain (Patient has an acute pain related to the wound area)
  • Impaired Skin Integrity (Infection is getting through the skin barrier and into the body or other tissues)
  • Deficient Knowledge (Patient does not know how to care for their wounds)
  • Deficient Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements
  • Deficient Fluid Volume: Less Than Body Requirements * Readiness for Enhanced Knowledge


Here is some nursing diagnosis that can be used to care for wound infection patient. The most common types of nursing diagnosis are Risk for infection and Risk for acute pain

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