nursing license renewal california

The California Board of Registered Nursing is responsible for overseeing the regulation of the state’s registered nurses. The board handles various matters related to the profession, including issuing licenses and renewing them. If you want to work as an RN in California, you’ll need a license first. After that, it’s important to stay on top of your renewal process so that you don’t lose your credentials. In this article, we’ll walk through how nursing professionals can renew their licenses and what they should know about the renewal process before they submit their paperwork.

nursing license renewal california

1. Renewing Your RN License

It’s important that you renew your license before it expires. To renew, you’ll need to submit a renewal application along with the applicable fee to the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). You may also be asked to provide proof of completion continuing education courses. The renewal process takes about four weeks but can take up to six months depending on how long it takes for documents and paperwork to arrive at the BRN headquarters. You can check whether or not your license is expired by visiting the website:

If your license is expired, then you’ll need to apply for reinstatement before being able to practice as an RN again in California or any other state where you hold licensure as well as California itself

2. California Nursing CE Requirements for Licensure Renewal

California Nursing CE Requirements for Licensure Renewal

According to the California Board of Registered Nursing, RNs must complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years. As an RN in California, you have options when it comes to fulfilling this requirement:

You can take the CE online. The board provides a list of approved providers and online courses that you can use toward your continuing education credits.

You can take the CE in person or with a live instructor. This usually happens during a conference or seminar that’s held by an outside organization for nurses only; these types of events are generally held at hotels and convention centers around the state.

  • “Hybrid” courses are available too—these are basically traditional classes where some part of each session is delivered via webinar rather than live instruction (which means there’s no need to be physically present at all times).

3. How to Renew a California Nursing License

If you are a resident of California and have a current nursing license, it is important that you continue to keep your license up-to-date. To do this, go online and visit the California Board of Registered Nursing website.

To begin the renewal process, check the box that says “I am renewing my license” and then click on “Continue”. Next, enter your name exactly as it appears on your current nursing credential (see example), select a payment method (preferably credit card or electronic check) and hit “Pay Now”. Please note: only one renewal application can be processed at a time so if there is another person using this computer or device (such as an iPhone) they must log out before continuing; otherwise both applications will fail!

Once payment has been confirmed by PayPal™/Braintree™ etc…then print out two copies of each form so that one copy remains in our office with us for safekeeping until we receive notification from The Board Of Registered Nursing about their approval for licensure renewal; all other copies need t be returned signed back to us here at The Health Center For Better Living so we may send them back along with all supporting documentation requested by The BRN (Board Of Registered Nurses). This process could take anywhere from 3 days up too 30 days depending upon how many items need verifying & double checking before getting approved as well as sending off via mail once everything has been approved.”

4. Reasons You Might Not Get to Renew Your CA RN License

If your license has expired, and you have not yet renewed it, there are several reasons why this could be the case.

  • You did not meet the renewal requirements: Your CA RN license will expire if you do not meet any of the following requirements by the expiration date:
  • complete a continuing education course.
  • pay the renewal fee (if applicable).
  • complete an approved medical examination or submit evidence that one was already completed (if applicable).
  • You have not paid the renewal fee: If you are unable to pay for your renewal, contact [contact information] who may be able to assist in setting up a payment plan with you or may be able to defer payment until after licensure is granted.

5. Do the things you need to do in order to keep your license.

You know what you have to do to keep your license, but how can you make sure that you actually do it? You could write down all of the things that need doing on a big calendar and mark off the ones that are done each day or week. But if memory is any guide, this will probably not work very well.

When procrastinating and avoiding tasks comes naturally to us all (and when doesn’t it?), maybe there’s another way: automation. As much as we hate admitting it, we can benefit from using technology—the same technology that has made our lives so much easier in so many other ways—to help us keep up with our CE requirements and license renewal paperwork.

Let’s face it: keeping track of projects like this isn’t fun or easy. But if the goal is to get things done without having them pile up over time until they become overwhelming, then sticking with something may be more important than enjoying yourself along the way.


We hope this article has given you a clearer picture of what it takes to renew your license and why it’s important. We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping up with your CE requirements, and if you’re having trouble remembering when it’s time to renew your license, there are many tools available that will help remind you. You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario, so plan ahead with these tips so that if anything goes wrong they won’t throw off your entire career!

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