Nursing Questions To Ask During Interview

Many people who become nurses have no idea what to expect when they get their first job, and this makes them nervous. It’s okay to be nervous, but it’s also important not to let your nerves interfere with your ability to perform well during an interview. To avoid this problem, make sure you’re prepared by gathering information on the facility where you’ll be interviewing before showing up on the big day. Here are some questions that will help you get started:

Nursing Questions To Ask During Interview

1 What is the nurse-to-patient ratio and how often would I have a patient load this large?

  • What is the nurse-to-patient ratio and how often would I have a patient load this large?
  • The number of patients per nurse at any given time can vary depending on the hospital’s policies, but it’s important to know what the average is in your area. It’s also worth asking whether there are times when having more patients than usual will be a possibility (e.g., during flu season).

2 How are nurses held accountable?

You want to know how your employer holds their nurses accountable. An effective way to do this is by asking:

  • What is the reporting structure?
  • How often are nurses evaluated?
  • How are nurses held accountable for their actions and mistakes?

You should also be able to get a sense of how long it takes an employee to get fired or disciplined in the event that something goes wrong.

3 What is your philosophy on teamwork in nursing?

When you are interviewing for a nursing position, it is important to ask questions that will make sure you are a good fit for the job. One way to do this is by asking where your potential employer stands on teamwork in nursing. It’s important to get an idea of how much collaboration goes on at this particular hospital or clinic.

When asking about teamwork in nursing, it’s also important to address any concerns you may have about working with other nurses and doctors. This could include anything from communication issues between departments, or even safety issues within the hospital walls because of poor communication between staff members. You should also be prepared for questions about how you handle conflict resolution or stressful situations when working as part of a team; after all, everyone has bad days (even doctors).

4 Do you provide cross training to nurses to enable them to work in different areas of the hospital?

You should ask the interviewer if they provide cross training to nurses. Cross training is the process of learning new skills, or gaining experience in other areas of the hospital, so that you can be more flexible and adaptable.

When a nurse has been cross trained, he or she will have acquired new skills in addition to those required by their regular duties. This increases their versatility and gives them more options if they have to take time off work for any reason such as sickness or vacation.

5 How do you deal with nurse burnout and stress?

In order to reduce nurse burnout and stress, it’s important to listen to nurses. It is also important that you encourage them to take breaks and talk about their feelings. Provide resources for dealing with stress, encourage your nurses to take time off when they need it, and encourage them to reach out when they are experiencing distress.

6 Think about what is important to you in your workplace.

As you prepare to interview, it’s important to think about what is important to you in your workplace. What type of atmosphere do you want? What kind of challenges are you looking for?

You’ll also need to be prepared to ask questions. Don’t just expect the interviewer to ask all the necessary questions—be sure that you’re prepared with a few things on your mind as well. For example: What will my day-to-day responsibilities be? How many hours per week am I expected to work? Am I okay with being available around the clock if needed (even if it means picking up last minute shifts occasionally)?

Ask these questions, listen carefully and take notes so that when it comes time for an offer letter or contract negotiation, there won’t be any surprises.


In a nursing job interview, it is important to ask questions that will help you determine if the position is right for you. You should focus on the work environment and how it will affect your mental well-being as well as physical health in order to make sure that you are not working in an environment where these things matter most.

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