nursing scholarships in kenya

nursing scholarships in kenya

Teaching and Education

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There are many different types of scholarships for nursing students. Some scholarships are need-based, which means that you would need to demonstrate financial need in order to receive a scholarship, whereas others may be merit-based, which means that you would be evaluated on your academic achievements. Some academic scholarships could also require you to meet certain criteria (e.g., being an African American student or working in a rural area).

Deadline: Feb 19, 2020

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a nursing student in Kenya. You also must currently be attending a Kenyan university or community college and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Additional requirements are outlined on the official application page, which can be accessed here. In addition to providing general demographic information, please submit two letters of recommendation with your application and an essay that demonstrates why you deserve this scholarship; 500 words maximum is suggested.

The deadline for applications is February 19, 2020, at 5 p.m., EST. The winners will be announced on March 20, 2020.

The government of Finland is offering scholarships to professionals in the field of teaching and education as part of its efforts to promote internationalisation at its universities.

The scholarship is for postgraduate studies leading to the degree of Master’s or Doctoral level (PhD) in a postgraduate degree related to education. The scholarship period may vary from 3-10 months, depending on the programme. Applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree by the time they begin their studies in Finland.

Scholarships are intended for full-time study at Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS).

The exchange scholarship cannot be combined with another Finnish state subsidy.

Postgraduate Diploma/Masters/PhD

  • Postgraduate Diploma/Masters/PhD

The postgraduate diploma is offered at a postgraduate level. The master’s degree is a scholarship program. The PhD is a master’s degree or postgraduate diploma.

Host Institution(s): Finnish Universities in Finland

  • Host Institution(s): Finnish Universities in Finland
  • Level/Field of study: Masters or Ph.D. Scholarships are awarded in all fields offered by the participating universities
  • Number of Scholarships: Not specified
  • Target group: Applicants from Developing Countries
  • Scholarship value/inclusions: The scholarship includes a monthly allowance, free accommodation on campus and free tuition fees. Travel costs will not be covered.

Level/Field(s) of study: The Scholarship is open for pursuing postgraduate studies in Education, Teacher education and related fields.

The scholarship is open for pursuing postgraduate studies in Education, Teacher education and related fields.


  • This scholarship opportunity is for Kenyan citizens who have been offered admission to pursue a Master’s degree course at Kenyatta University.
  • The scholarship is only open to applicants wishing to pursue Masters in Education, Teacher education and related fields. It is not open to other Masters programmes.
  • In order to be considered, qualified applicants must apply and receive admission into the University through the following means:
  • Download and complete the application form here: (Check this link regularly for updates on the application process: Deadline: 19th of February 2020

Deadline for applications is 19 February 2020.

Here is an update about the nursing scholarship. The deadline for applications is 19 February 2020. In case you were wondering, this means that your application must reach us by that day in order to be considered complete. Before that deadline, you will need to get a recommendation from someone who knows you very well and can vouch for your character and skills. You should also write a short essay about why you want to study nursing and how it will help you help others in your community. After the deadline, we will review all of the applications and select one winner based on those qualifications. We encourage everyone who is interested in this opportunity to submit a completed application as early as possible, since no late applications will be accepted after the deadline passes! For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at

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