nursing school top 10

nursing school top 10

1) Make friends

Make friends both in and out of your nursing school class. Late nights studying or hanging out can help you form bonds with your peers that may last longer than the duration of your program, and you might meet some cool people that can make your time in nursing school more enjoyable. In addition, it’s important to socialize outside of your nursing school class to lessen the potential of feeling overwhelmed by too much professional talk.

2) Don’t forget to take care of yourself

As a student nurse, it’s important to remember that you’re doing this for yourself and not just your future patients. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during your studies. This can go a long way in helping reduce stress, as well as making sure you don’t burn out before you even graduate!

If you feel like things are getting too much, try to find time to relax. It’s easy to lose track of time when studying, so be sure to schedule regular breaks into your week. Unplug from technology and spend some time alone, or meet up with friends for a coffee or movie night!

Try and get enough sleep—for an adult I recommend around 8 hours per night. The occasional late study session is OK, but try not to make it a habit! A lack of sleep can lead to problems concentrating as well as affecting your moods (and nobody wants that!). Sleep is also important for restoring the immune system so that you don’t get sick all the time and have to miss class because of it! Everyone else will thank you too 😉

Make sure you eat right—that means no skipping meals or eating junk food instead of proper meals. It’s worth taking the time each week (or month) to plan out and prepare healthy meals in bulk—you’ll save money by cooking at home rather than eating out at restaurants on campus (which are usually expensive!). Plus it’s important nutrition especially while under pressure from schoolwork so that your body has enough energy throughout the day without crashing later on during exams/tests/quizzes etc…

3) Find your place

  • Find your place

Nursing school is tough, and it’s important to find a way to fit in. You will be spending the majority of your time inside the four walls of a classroom or hospital. Look for different ways to get involved on campus and make friends with people who have similar beliefs and goals as you.

You can do this by attending school events, working with student organizations, or even joining a sorority or fraternity. You’ll need to master how to juggle classes and extracurricular activities, but it will help create balance in your life.It’s also wise to find a niche within your program. The nursing field is expanding and there are many career avenues open to you after graduation, including pediatric nursing, community health nursing, nurse midwifery and more. Do your research on these specialties before choosing one that fits your personality and interests best so that you can graduate with passion for what you’re doing!

4) Take advantage of free resources available to nursing students

  • Take advantage of free resources available to nursing students

Nursing school is expensive enough as it is, so don’t pay one penny more than you have to while you are a student! Always look for free or discounted resources before purchasing. There are many excellent free NCLEX review courses and nursing school textbooks available online. Your college library may also have study guides and other materials to aid you in the process. Check out this list of apps that can help nursing students study, keep organized, and stay motivated throughout their time in school.

5) Decompress after class.

In this graduate program, you will likely be spending a lot of time studying, reading, going to class and clinicals, and trying to fit in some job hours if you’re working while in school. It is imperative that you take some time each day to do something that is unrelated to nursing or your studies.

Whether it’s going for a run, cooking dinner with your roommate, or catching up on your favorite show on Netflix—whatever it is that makes you happy and helps you relax—do it! You will find that decompressing after a long day of classes makes the next day feel easier.

6) Get out of town at least once a semester

  • Get out of town at least once a semester. While it may not be possible to do this every single semester, do your best to go on vacation (even if it just means going home for a weekend or visiting friends). This is truly important and will help you remain productive in school. Going on vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, but can include activities as simple as renting movies with friends to taking a short road trip. Planning trips with friends will help you relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get out of town!

7) Take notes every time you attend something school-related.

It is imperative that you take notes during every single thing school-related. Take notes in class, take notes during clinicals, take notes at meetings with your advisor, take notes when your instructor comes and checks on you during clinicals, take notes with any meetings you have with your classmates or your clinical instructor. You will not remember everything they tell you, so writing it down will be helpful.

8) Find a study group that works for you.

  • Find a study group that works for you. Few things will make your nursing school experience easier than having a great study group by your side. First, look for people who have similar goals to you: if you’re aiming for an A in the class, you need to be studying with someone else who’s also working hard. You should also be on the lookout for friends who can help you understand complex topics and challenges. It’s important to have a few different groups of people in your study circle; while studying alone may sometimes be fine, it’s usually more helpful and motivating to work together with others.

A good mix of in-person and virtual meetups is ideal as well; having at least one friend to meet up with in person every week will encourage accountability and help keep things fresh during long lectures or teaching sessions online.

Some of the best advice for nursing school is to follow your instincts and keep it real.

There are quite a few things we want nursing students to know, but these are some of the most valuable:

  • Don’t stress out about everything. Your family and friends will support you, no matter what. The answer is yes! You’re already doing great!
  • Keep it real. The people around you will find your authenticity refreshing, no matter how much you think they’ve seen it all before. Choose authenticity over trying to impress the people in your nursing program. They’ll be more impressed by your confidence and courage than anything else anyway. If you can be genuine with them, they’ll likely become some of your best friends and coworkers.
  • Follow your instincts; if something doesn’t sit right with you, ask questions! A good nurse has respect for her profession and cares enough to make sure she knows what’s going on so she can do her best work. It takes courage to speak up when something doesn’t feel right—but that’s the kind of courage that makes a great nurse! Use these opportunities as teachable moments instead of letting them pass without comment because “it’s not my place.” To be an effective nurse—and person—you must learn from mistakes so others don’t repeat them unnecessarily.

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