nursing schools in ontario canada for international students

nursing schools in ontario canada for international students

Ontario, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students who are keen to pursue a nursing qualification.

In Ontario, Canada, there is a huge demand of nurses in the healthcare sector. And to fulfill this demand, many nursing schools are present in Ontario that offer a wide range of education possibilities for international students like you who want to pursue nursing as your career.

These nursing schools in Ontario provide excellent learning opportunities and a great atmosphere for international students to learn about nursing. These schools also have multilingual staff members and teachers who can communicate with the foreign students with ease. So, if you are looking for an ideal learning place where you can get quality education along with having fun at the same time then these nursing schools located in Ontario might be your perfect choice.

Nursing schools in Ontario

Here are some of the best nursing schools in Ontario:

  • Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • Georgian College
  • Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

If you’re an international student looking to study nursing in Ontario, here’s a list of things to look for when choosing your school:

  • If you’re planning on working as a nurse in Canada once you graduate, it’s important to check if the program is accredited by the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR). All Canadian provinces have their own regulatory bodies that oversee all nurses within their jurisdiction. The CCPNR works with these bodies, as well as colleges, universities, and other education institutions like hospitals. They assess programs throughout Canada against strict standards set out by all provincial regulators so that graduates who pass these standards are eligible for licensure as practical nurses. Most likely, you’ll want to be able to get licensed after completing your studies at one of these top Ontario nursing schools!

Admission requirements for nursing schools in Ontario

International students who want to attend nursing school in Ontario should be prepared to jump through a series of hoops before they’re admitted. First and foremost, it’s crucial that these students have proof of English proficiency. This can be demonstrated by achieving the required score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), completing a minimum number of years at an English-language high school, or showing proof of prior successful completion of an undergraduate degree. Next, international students need to show that they have completed the necessary prerequisite courses in order to apply for admission—this will vary depending on where they attended high school or university and when they graduated. Finally, applicants need to demonstrate that they are eligible for admission into a Canadian university by providing transcripts and assessment results (such as SATs) as part of their application package.

In case this all seems overwhelming, don’t worry—we’ve assembled information about each individual university below so you know precisely where you stand with your specific application!

What qualifications do you need to study nursing in Ontario?

As an international student wanting to study nursing in Ontario, you must meet the criteria requirements of the program and school you are applying to. List of qualifications needed:

  • Completion of a nursing diploma or degree
  • IELTS score
  • Nursing assessment
  • Completed application form with all the required documents attached

Jurisprudence exam preparation course

The Jurisprudence Preparation Course is offered in-class and online. The course provides a complete review of the Canadian health care system, prepares students for the jurisprudence exam and prepares students for the NCLEX exam by reviewing the roles, responsibilities and scope of practice of the registered nurse in Ontario.

Program practical stream exam preparation course

The course content will prepare you to:

  • Complete the 30 hours of theory instruction required for registration as a registered practical nurse in Ontario.
  • Provide 120 hours of clinical practice during the course that is equivalent to 120 days of work experience (for example, 4 8-hour shifts per week over 12 weeks).
  • Pass the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

How to get a work permit after you graduate

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There are many great nursing schools in Ontario, and all you need is your assessment result and IELTS score to start applying.

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