Nursing Universities in Norway for International Students

Nursing Universities in Norway for International Students

There are other countries offering free education to international students, but Norway is one of the few that offers free education to all students, both local and international.

Norway was named as one of the most expensive countries in the world. Despite this, the country has a lot to offer for those who want to live and study there. One of these offerings is a completely free college education.

Norway’s higher education system is recognized internationally and includes state universities, university colleges, private universities, specialized colleges and national academies of the arts. International students are eligible to enroll in these institutions. The country also provides student housing at an affordable price.

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Molde University College Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care

Nursing studies in Molde University College are one of the best nursing programs in Norway. The faculty of health sciences and social care has a high passing rate on licensure exams for public health officers including nursing. Molde University College provides the best education not only in Norway but also internationally recognized.

Molde University College offers a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Nursing but only for Norwegian students. There are no full international programs offered in the university yet there are many exchange programs for nursing and other healthcare courses offered.

Molde University College is known in Norway to be specialized in logistics and other more business courses. It has been recognized nationally as the only specialized university in logistics and economics in the Norwegian language.

Oslo Metropolitan University Department of Nursing and Health Promotion

Looking for an extraordinary nursing program? The Oslo Metropolitan University Department of Nursing and Health Promotion is one of the best nursing schools in Norway.

The department offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing, and has a long list of research groups that focus on health, medicine development, and more. The department’s most popular research group is midwifery. This group focuses on pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care for mothers, as well as children’s health throughout the process.

Additionally, midwifery is the largest master’s program at this university, with at least forty students enrolling annually. This research group is just one example of how Oslo Metropolitan University provides students with many options for their futures in healthcare.

Ostfold University College

Ostfold University College is a great choice for nursing students who are looking to further their education abroad. Although they do not offer full international courses in nursing, they do offer exchange student programs that last for three months. With these programs, the university aims to develop the practical skills of its nursing students in social work, child welfare, and educator training.

Ostfold University College also offers a few English courses for foreign students in the field of nursing. However, the Norwegian language is still used as the medium of instruction in every department of the university.

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