nymc sdn

nymc sdn

What is SDN?

SDN, or Student Doctor Network, is an online community for pre-medical students to research schools and programs, connect with other pre-med students, post questions and comments on forums, and access additional resources ranging from podcasts to articles. SDN is a great resource for pre-medical students because it contains so much information about medical schools and programs. Not only does SDN have a forum that allows you to ask other people questions about specific schools or programs, but it also has a feature where you can rank certain schools by your individual criteria. This allows you to narrow down what attributes are most important in your search so that you can focus on those when researching different options. SDN also has articles written by both staff members and pre-meds alike who have gone through the process of applying to medical school themselves. These articles cover topics such as identifying possible weaknesses in your application or how to write a unique personal statement.

What are the benefits of becoming an SDN member?

The Student Doctor Network is a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1999 for prehealth and health professional students in the United States and Canada. It maintains a collaborative online community of over 150,000 members, hosts more than 175,000 forum posts each month, and has grown to include an extensive database of articles on everything from surviving medical school interviews to getting into dental school.

SDN offers dozens of information-packed webinars on topics like writing your personal statement and applying to DO schools. It provides resources like the CASPer Prep Toolkit as well as SDN’s AMCAS/AACOMAS GPA calculator, which lets you compare your GPA with others who were accepted or rejected by various medical schools. You can also download SDN’s popular premed planner spreadsheet for free—it helps you track important milestones leading up to application time.

How do I become an SDN member?

To become an SDN member, you must go to the website and click “Membership” from the top navigation. Then click on “Join SDN” in the drop-down menu.

Where can I find more information about programs, schools and organizations?

SDN provides a wealth of information about allopathic medical schools, osteopathic medical schools and clinical, administrative and academic programs.

To learn more about programs, schools or organizations:

  • Search the SDN forums for information posted by others about your topic of interest. To find out what others have posted on a particular topic, click the Forums tab at the top of each page. You can also use the search box on any forum page or consult our list of forums to browse through topics that interest you.
  • Use our directory to learn more about any specific program, school or organization. Click Directory in the main menu above to search a school by name or browse through list alphabetically by state. Note that not all US schools are listed within this directory: some are included only within our forum pages and others may not yet be listed anywhere within SDN at this time. Before submitting a question regarding a particular program, school or organization in one of our forums, please first review everything already available on SDN relating to your topic of interest.
  • Browse through events announced in our calendar which you may find applicable.

Become a member of the pre-med networking platform, SDN!

  • Navigate to the Student Doctor Network website.
  • Under the “Membership” tab located at the top of the webpage, click on “Join.”
  • Enter in your information and select your account preferences.
  • Once you submit your membership form, you will receive an e-mail with login instructions. Now that you are a member of SDN, take advantage of everything it has to offer by exploring its different forums!

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