nyu admission requirements

nyu admission requirements

Applying to NYU? Here are the admissions statistics you should know, including average SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of admitted students.

If you’re applying to NYU, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the school’s low acceptance rate (18% for the class of 2023). While this number is relatively low compared to other schools, NYU is also one of the most intensely competitive schools in the country. In addition to having a high GPA and standardized test scores, you’ll need a strong personal statement and an impressive list of extracurricular activities.

According to data released by NYU, the average GPA for incoming students is 3.6. While this is unweighted GPA, if you have a lower GPA, you can compensate with harder classes like AP or IB classes. This will show your ability to take college classes while demonstrating that you are driven and capable of completing challenging work.

NYU does not currently require SAT Subject Tests but does recommend that students submit them if they’ve completed them as part of their academic program or are available for submission after submitting their application.

Scores for either the ACT or SAT test are due May 1 for students applying for admission to the fall semester.

> Scores for either the ACT or SAT test are due May 1 for students applying for admission to the fall semester. It is recommended that you take the SAT or ACT by the end of your junior year, so that you have time to retake the test if necessary.

For your convenience, we accept self-reported scores from all freshman applicants during the admissions process. If you decide to enroll at NYU, we will ask only those who receive an offer of admission and choose to attend NYU to submit official scores. Official scores are required only if there is a discrepancy between your self-reported score and your official score report. Scores may be sent directly from (either) testing agency or included on an official high school transcript.

SAT scores should be submitted using code 2562. ACT scores should be submitted using code 2862. The SAT Essay and ACT Writing Test are not required but may be submitted as part of your application if you have taken one or both exams.

SAT Subject tests are recommended, not required, for applicants to the College of Arts and Science in New York, Abu Dhabi or Shanghai.

If you choose to submit Subject Tests, please note that we are unable to accept scores sent directly by the student. Your Subject Test scores must be reported on an official transcript or sent to us directly from the testing agency.

Applicants applying to one of NYU’s schools with separate applications may be required to submit scores from two SAT Subject tests. Please check those programs’ websites for further information.

All applicants who complete the SAT (including Essay) or ACT (including Writing) will automatically be considered for NYU-specific scholarships for which they qualify. There is no separate scholarship application required and no additional steps needed on your part beyond completing your admissions application.

SAT Subject tests are required only if you apply to the following programs at NYU’s School of Engineering in New York: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) program; Biomedical Engineering (BME) program; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) program.

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Letters of recommendation are NOT a formal part of NYU’s undergraduate application process.

NYU does not have a preference for the types of recommendation letters submitted. They may be from teachers, counselors, or school administrators. If you choose to submit recommendations, they must be written by an adult who can speak in detail about your academic ability and/or your extracurricular activities.

Recommendations should be mailed directly to NYU Admissions by the recommender or uploaded through [slideroom](https://nyuadmissionstestscores.freeforums.net/thread/17/recommendation-letters). Be sure to waive your right to view any letters of recommendations sent on your behalf.

The personal statement is an important component of your application to NYU; we ask you to answer some basic questions about yourself so that we can get to know you.

Please provide a personal statement that describes your reasons for applying to NYU, your intended major and future goals, and how you plan to achieve these goals. The personal statement should be approximately 500 words.

The second essay should focus on the applicant’s specific interest in NYU, their academic and/or professional goals after graduating from the College of Arts and Science, or any other information that they feel is relevant to the admissions committee’s evaluation.

Here’s what you need to know about admissions requirements for NYU.

New York University’s admissions requirements are not overly complicated, but they do include some unique pieces of information. You’ll need to know what your high school’s code is, and you’ll need to remember that you can only submit one application per year.

Here’s a quick look at the basic things you should know about NYU’s admission requirements:

  • Test scores are required for all students applying for admission. These could be SAT or ACT test results, IB exam results (if applicable), AP exam results, TOEFL/IELTS test results if English is not your first language, or, in some cases, other standardized test scores.
  • You must submit an online application to NYU—no paper applications are accepted. This includes both a Common Application and any supplements that are required by your major. It also includes a writing supplement (you write an essay) and a $75 application fee or fee waiver request.
  • If you want to apply for financial aid (who doesn’t?), you will need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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