Online Colleges That Offer Laptop

Students who enroll in online colleges should be aware of the benefits of having a laptop. A laptop computer can help students complete assignments and work on projects that are required by the school or faculty member. It is also a great way to stay connected with classmates and professors. This guide will provide information about some top-rated institutions that offer laptops to their students or provide them at no cost to students.

Online Colleges That Offer Laptop

Online colleges that offer laptop

Online colleges that offer laptop

Online colleges that offer laptops

Online colleges that offer computer

Online colleges that provide computers to students

Online colleges that offer laptops

Online colleges that offer laptops

If you are looking for a college to enroll in, you should be aware that some schools provide laptops to students. This is a great way to save money on the expensive costs of laptop computers, but it can also be a huge financial burden if your school does not provide them.

Here are some things you should consider when looking at online colleges:

  • Do they give students laptops? Does the school offer any kind of student discount? Is there any sort of reimbursement policy in place if your computer breaks down? These are all important questions which need answers before deciding on where to attend university.

Online colleges that offer computer

Online colleges that offer laptop to students are a good choice if you want to get your degree in an affordable way. Online colleges provide laptops to students who qualify for need-based aid. If you’re not eligible for free or reduced price tuition, then consider applying for the laptop program at one of these schools:

  • University of Phoenix – Part of Apollo Education Group and owned by private equity firm Apollo Global Management, this school has locations across the United States and Canada.
  • Walden University – Founded in 1970 as a nonprofit university focused on adult learners, Walden offers bachelor’s degrees in over 100 fields as well as master’s degrees and doctoral programs.
  • Ashford University – This private online institution was founded by Bridgepoint Education (now part of DeVry Education Group) but became independent in 2013 after being acquired by Laureate International Universities; it now has about 84 campuses worldwide (57 within the U.S.).

Online colleges that provide computers

You may be wondering, “What online colleges provide computers?” or “Can I get a laptop at my online school?”

The short answer is: yes. All of the schools on this list offer laptops to students, and many of them have programs designed specifically for students who can’t afford a computer otherwise. If you’re looking for an online college that provides laptops for free, we’ve got you covered there too!

Online colleges that offer free devices

  • Online colleges that offer free devices

If you’re looking for an online college, you’ve probably got your eye on one or more of the many schools that offer free computers. You may be wondering if these schools also provide laptops for their students. The answer is yes! Many colleges do offer free laptops or computers to students who enroll in their programs. Some online colleges even provide additional hardware and software as well as technical support to ensure that everything works smoothly. If a school doesn’t give away laptops with its tuition costs, don’t worry—you can always apply for financial aid through your employer or government program such as Pell Grants (or both).

Online colleges that give laptops to students

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[Online colleges that provide computers to students](

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Free laptops for students.

There are many online colleges that offer laptop, or other devices. Many colleges provide students with laptops so they can do their work on campus and at home.

You should be aware of the following schools:

  • University of Phoenix – Offers a variety of affordable laptops to students including the Dell Latitude E6430s, HP EliteBook 2540p and Thinkpad X230t. Students can also lease one instead for $59/month over three years or buy one for $499 with no additional costs after that.
  • Kaplan University – Students enrolled in BSN programs have access to free computers from Dell as part of their program package, but it’s not clear if other online nursing programs include this benefit as well (we couldn’t find any information).


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