Out Of State Tuition For University Of Arizona

Out Of State Tuition For University Of Arizona

You may have heard that Arizona is one of the most expensive states in the nation, but don’t worry. The University of Arizona offers many financial aid opportunities to help you offset the cost of college tuition. If you’re an out-of-state student looking to attend UA, there are several ways to make sure that your education doesn’t break the bank.

Welcome to University of Arizona

Welcome to University of Arizona! University of Arizona is one of the largest universities in the country. It has over 48,000 students and offers degrees in more than 100 subjects. The university was founded in 1885, making it one of the oldest public universities in America.

  • University of Arizona (UA) is located in Tucson, Arizona
  • UA is a public research university

Out-of-state tuition tables

Below are the out-of-state tuition rates for undergraduate students at the University of Arizona, as of Fall 2017.

  • Undergraduate: $26,880
  • Graduate: $12,018
  • Law School: $29,543


If you are an undergraduate student, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Arizona or outside of the state. You will pay the same tuition as any other student attending the University of Arizona. If a student lives in-state and attends UA with a scholarship, their parents also qualify for resident tuition.

  • This is true for all undergraduate students: freshmen through seniors
  • Whether enrolled as full-time or part-time students

Graduate students

  • Graduate Student Tuition

Out-of-state tuition is $22,934 per semester and is assessed at the same rate as in-state tuition. Out-of-state graduate students should refer to the appropriate section below for additional information on costs associated with their particular academic program.

  • Graduate Assistantships

The University of Arizona offers assistantships to both incoming and continuing graduate students who are admitted into full time degree programs, including Master’s degrees, Doctoral degrees and some non-degree programs (e.g., post Baccalaureate Certificate).

You can afford university as an out-of-state student.

You can afford university as an out-of-state student. You get the same education as in-state students, but you’re paying for it at a lower price.

You can save money by living at home and not paying for dorms or meal plans in college. You can also take online classes to save money on commuting fees and gas, while getting the same degree as your peers who are on campus. If you want to go even more frugal with your education budget, consider taking summer classes so that they don’t interfere with working during the school year and earning income that will help pay off those loans later on!

We hope this post has helped you learn more about the out-of-state tuition at University of Arizona. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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