Oxford Masters Acceptance Rate

The Oxford Masters program has an acceptance rate of 8%. This means that out of all the candidates who applied, only 8% were accepted. This is a high acceptance rate, which means that many candidates were rejected during the review process. To put this into perspective, Harvard Business School’s acceptance rate for 2019 was 15%, and Stanford’s was only 11%.

If you want to be accepted into the Oxford Masters Program, you need to make sure that your application is top notch.

Oxford Masters Acceptance Rate: How to Apply

The first step in applying for the Oxford Masters Program is to get accepted into Oxford University as a student. This can be done by completing the UCAS application (UCAS stands for Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) or by sending in an application directly to your desired department at Oxford University (you can find more information about this here).

Once you have been accepted into Oxford University, you will then be able to apply for a spot in one of the three different Master’s programs offered through OMP: Anthropology & Development Studies; Economics & Social Policy; Politics & International Relations. As mentioned above, these programs have an extremely low acceptance rate so it’s important that you apply early on if you wish

Oxford Masters Acceptance Rate

The Oxford Masters acceptance rate is 15%, and the average GPA is 3.8/4.0.

The Oxford Masters program is aimed at students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and are looking to pursue a master’s degree on their own terms. The program offers flexibility, allowing students to complete their coursework through either distance learning or on campus.

The Oxford Masters acceptance rate is much lower than most other graduate programs in the U.S., but this reflects the high quality of applicants that are applying to this program. In addition, there are no application fees for Oxford University’s online graduate programs, so there are no costs associated with applying.

In order to be eligible for admission into the Oxford Masters program, applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4).

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