Oxford University Medical School Fees For International Students

Oxford University medical school has a long tradition of excellence, with a world-renowned reputation for research and teaching. The school offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses which are taught by some of the world’s leading academics.

The medical school is one of the largest in Europe with over 1,000 undergraduate students enrolled each year. The clinical training is delivered in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH), which provides excellent facilities in teaching hospitals across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Course fees are subject to change each year and are payable on an annual basis. The tuition fee amount quoted above includes all mandatory course costs including registration fees, examination fees and student services fees (including the library). The cost of living in Oxford may vary considerably depending on your lifestyle choices so we recommend that you discuss this with our Admissions team who will be happy to offer advice on how best to manage your finances throughout your time at Oxford University.

Oxford University Medical School Fees For International Students

The fee for the M.D. course is £14,100 for UK/EU students and £33,900 for international students. This does not include the cost of accommodation or living expenses, which are estimated to be at least £12,000 per year.

The tuition fee includes registration fees and membership of the General Medical Council (GMC), as well as access to some clinical placements and training facilities.

The fees for international students at Oxford University are the same for all of its colleges. The total cost to study at Oxford is £9,250 per year, although this fee does not include accommodation or living expenses.

The cost of an undergraduate degree at Oxford University is £9,250 per year. This fee covers tuition and examination costs but not living expenses (rent, food and travel).

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