Pediatric Occupational Therapy Masters Programs

The field of pediatrics is a challenging one, and pediatric occupational therapy can be even more so. The job is not only to provide therapy for children, but also to help them develop the skills they need to live healthy, happy lives both now and in the future. As a result, pediatric occupational therapists must have a deep understanding of child development and how it affects the way children interact with their environment. They must also know how to use this knowledge to create exercises that will help children develop as optimally as possible.

There are several different types of programs available for those who want to become pediatric occupational therapists. Some programs offer a master’s degree while others offer doctoral degrees. Some schools offer joint programs between occupational therapy and other disciplines like kinesiology or physical therapy; these programs may require extra coursework in addition to your core curriculum but will give you valuable insights into related fields as well as give you more time to focus on your chosen area of study during clinical rotations (where you gain hands-on experience working with clients). Other schools offer online programs as well as traditional classroom settings for those who prefer an online learning environment over campus life or who simply don’t have enough time available

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Masters Programs

The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) is a two-year, full-time graduate program designed to prepare students to meet the educational requirements for licensure as an occupational therapist. The MSOT curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent and effective practitioners who may be able to help people with disabilities and chronic health conditions lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

The curriculum consists of didactic instruction and clinical experiences that foster development of competencies required by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) for entry-level practitioners. Students also gain experience working with diverse populations through practice in community settings, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation agencies, nursing homes and private practices.

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