Pharmacology Flash Cards Nursing

Pharmacology, the study of drugs and their effects on the body, can be a tricky subject to master. Luckily, flash cards can make your pharmacology learning experience easier.

Pharmacology Flash Cards Nursing

1 Pharmacology isn’t as bad as you think it is.

  • What is pharmacology?

Pharmacology is the study of drugs. In nursing, pharmacology is used to identify, correlate and interpret the effects of medications on body systems. A nurse must know how to administer medications properly, as well as recognize side effects or drug interactions that could harm patients.

  • Why is it important?

The ability to understand how drugs work in the body helps nurses provide better care for their patients by preventing dangerous reactions from occurring without their knowledge. Nurses are also able to identify which drugs will be most effective for treating each condition or illness that patients may have. For example, a patient’s blood pressure may drop when they take an ACE inhibitor medication but increase when they take prednisone (a steroid). Knowing this will help prevent future problems with this patient’s health because he/she won’t needlessly receive another medicine that would cause adverse effects on his/her system.* Why do I think it’s challenging?

Because there are so many different types of medications out there! There are over 100 classes of medications alone! That being said though – remember what I said earlier about not needing 100% mastery over all these topics at once…you only need enough knowledge so that if someone comes up with a question related directly towards one specific area then you can answer confidently (and sometimes even give them helpful tips!).

2 The best part of learning pharmacology is that you can do it anywhere.

The best part of learning pharmacology is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t need any special equipment, or a library card. You don’t even need a quiet place to study—you can study in a coffee shop, or your apartment, or on the bus or train during your lunch break.

The only thing you really need is a willingness to learn!

3 Nursing students need to study pharmacology extensively if they want to pass the NCLEX.

Pharmacology is a required NCLEX topic, and it’s a big part of nursing practice. It’s also an important subject in nursing education.

Students who are preparing for the NCLEX should study pharmacology extensively if they want to pass the exam. The more you know about drugs and their effects on people, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to take this test.

4 You don’t have to study everything at once!

We know it can be overwhelming to think about how much you need to learn. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study everything at once! Take your time and pace yourself. You should take a break when you feel like it, even if that means taking a break for just a few days or weeks or months.

5 Flash cards are well-known for helping nursing students pass their exams.

Flash cards are one of the best ways to learn and memorize information. They allow you to test yourself, which helps you remember the information better. Flash cards also make it easy for you to study with classmates or on your own. You can also use flash cards when you don’t have access to books or computers, since they’re small and portable.

The best part about learning with flash cards is that it’s easy! You can create effective flash card sets on any topic by following these steps:

  • Think about what knowledge (or skills) you need in order to pass your exam
  • Write down those ideas onto index cards or put them into a spreadsheet (or other preferred format)
  • Make sure each idea is represented as a question card that has an answer printed on the back (eg: “What are some things I should know about diabetes?” or “What is the normal blood glucose level?”).

6 Flash cards can help you remember information about drugs, but there’s more.

Flash cards can help you remember information about drugs, but there’s more.

Flash cards are a great way to review and learn with classmates.

7 It’s easy to create your own flash cards.

  • Create your own flash cards.
  • Use a flash card app. There are many free and paid apps available for smartphones, tablets, and computers that allow you to create your own flash cards on the go. Here are a few:
  • Quizlet (
  • Anki (
  • Use a flash card website or maker toolset: You can create your own custom flash cards using various websites or toolsets; some require payment, while others do not, but all of them allow you to choose from pre-existing templates for different types of cards and then modify these templates as needed with text or images that represent content from your lesson plan or class lecture materials (see Figure 1).

8 Flash cards shouldn’t be static. They’re a great way to review and learn with classmates.

Flash cards are a great way to review, learn, study and test your knowledge. They can help you review material with classmates or take practice exams.

  • Use flash cards to review with classmates: If you’re in nursing school and have been given a set of flash cards from your instructor, it’s a good idea to share them with your classmates so that everyone can help each other study for exams!
  • Use flash cards to learn with classmates: If you’re taking a class on pharmacology in nursing school, try making your own flashcards based on the content that was taught in class so that when it comes time for an exam or test (which may be oral), having those visual cues will help tremendously when answering questions correctly!
  • Use flash cards as an introductory tool: Just because they’re traditionally used as a learning tool doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used during clinical rotations as well – some nurses find that having these small reminders around their patients’ bedsides makes it easier than having nothing at all while trying desperately not forget something vital such as “This patient needs oxygen!” or “This patient should not eat anything but ice chips right now.”

9 Use flash cards when you’re not at home, too!

  • Use flash cards when you’re on your phone.
  • Use flash cards when you’re on the bus.
  • Use flash cards when you’re on the train.
  • Use flash cards when you’re on the plane.
  • Use flash cards when you’re in a restroom stall, or even just sitting down to contemplate what’s next for your life at home while waiting in line at the grocery store (this applies more generally to anything that involves staring blankly at a wall).

10 Don’t make your nursing school journey harder than it has to be by not putting in the time and effort to study pharmacology with flash cards.

Flash cards are an excellent study tool for nursing students as they can be used just about anywhere. Flash cards can be made and used on the go, allowing you to study pharmacology in your car, on the train or at the airport. Flash cards can also be created on your phone, laptop or tablet computer; this allows you to study while waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting for a friend at Starbucks.


Flash cards are a great way to study pharmacology, and they can help you pass your NCLEX. You don’t have to spend hours studying at home or in the library—just keep a few of these handy and review them whenever you have time!

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