Pharmacy Schools In California Average GPA

The average GPA for California pharmacy schools is 3.4. The highest GPAs are found at University of California, San Diego (3.65), and the lowest GPAs are found at Touro College-California (3.0).

Top 20 Pharmacy Schools in California

The top 20 pharmacy schools in California are ranked based on their average GPA of all student applicants who were offered admission to the school. This ranking is known as the “yield”: the percentage of students who accept admission offers from a particular school. The following table lists these top 20 schools, along with their yield:

California is one of the most populous states in the US. It is also one of the most diverse and has a large number of different pharmacy schools. The average GPA for pharmacy schools in California is 3.3, which is higher than the nationwide average of 3.1.

Pharmacy Schools In California Average GPA

The California School Of Pharmacy (CSOP)

The California School Of Pharmacy (CSOP) is located in San Francisco and offers an online Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree program. Student can choose from a number of concentrations including clinical sciences, pharmaceutical care and health systems management. CSOP has an acceptance rate of approximately 90% and an average SAT score of 1420; however, CSOP does not require students to take the SAT or ACT exam as part of its application process. Students who are accepted into CSOP’s pharmacy program will receive a full scholarship covering all tuition costs and fees for up to six years as long as they maintain good academic standing at the school during their time there.

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