PhD in USA after Masters in Germany

I am an international student and I just finished my MSc in Germany. I want to pursue my PhD at a University in the US, but I have some concerns about it.

I am interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, but most of the universities require Bachelors degree for admission. Moreover, there are so many other restrictions like GRE score, TOEFL score and GPA requirement…etc. I do not know if they will accept me as an international student with just MSc degree from Germany. In addition to this, it takes time for me to get my Visa and then travel to US for my studies. This makes me feel uneasy about pursuing PhD at a University in the US after completing MSc from Germany.

Is it possible for me to pursue PhD after studying in Germany? If yes then how can I apply for admission? Will they consider me as an international student? Is there any way that I can complete my PhD before going back home?

PhD in USA after Masters in Germany

If you are looking for a PhD in the USA after a Masters degree in Germany, there are many universities and research institutes that offer a PhD program in the US. There are many criteria to consider when choosing the right PhD program.

Here are some of the factors that you must consider before choosing a program:

You can get funding as a PhD student. You may be eligible for scholarships, fellowships or assistantships that cover your tuition, living expenses, health insurance and other expenses associated with living in the US. You can also apply for teaching assistant positions if you have taught before or have relevant experience.

You can choose from many programs with different topics and interests. The US has more than 3,500 doctoral programs offered by more than 1,200 colleges and universities across the country. Many of these programs offer grants and stipends to help pay for tuition fees and living expenses during your study period. The number of students enrolled in these programs has increased over time due to increased funding from the government, foundations and private organizations

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