Pitt Medical School Admissions Statistics

Pittsburgh Medical School (PMS) is a private, non-profit medical school located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1904 and is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. PMS is one of the oldest medical schools in the country. The primary mission of PMS is to educate physicians for practice in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. The school has a long history of providing education for under-represented minority students from urban communities and rural areas. PHS has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1923.

According to PMS’s current (2017) website, there were 163 first year students enrolled in September 2016, 57% of whom were female. Of these students, 12% identified as Black or African American, 8% identified as Hispanic or Latino/Latina, 74% identified as White, 4% identified as Asian or Pacific Islander and 2% identified as American Indian/Alaska Native. The average age was 24 years old with an average GPA of 3.68 and an average MCAT score of 30 (the midpoint being 25).

Pitt Medical School Admissions Statistics

For the class of 2022, Pitt School of Medicine received 5,389 applications and accepted 794 applicants. The school received a total of 1,440 secondary applications, which is an increase over the 1,136 total secondary applications received for the class of 2021.

Pitt ADMS: Average MCAT Scores and GPAs by Gender in 2022

The average MCAT score for females was 30.3 while males posted an average score of 30.2. The overall average score for accepted students was 31.1 (out of 45). GPAs were also similar for both genders with women earning an average GPA of 3.75 (out of 4) and men posting 3.70 GPAs on average.

In 2016, PMS received 2,638 applications for its class entering in 2017; it made offers of admission to

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