Princeton Cs Masters Acceptance Rate

Princeton University’s acceptance rate for the Class of 2021 was 6.52 percent, according to the university’s admissions office.

The Ivy League institution saw a slight increase in applications from previous years, receiving a total of 39,041 applications this year compared to 37,303 last year and 36,722 in 2015.

Princeton University has a notoriously low acceptance rate. The university is one of eight schools in the United States that has an acceptance rate below 10 percent.

The other schools with acceptance rates below 10 percent are Columbia University (6%), Harvard University (5.15%), Yale University (6% ), Stanford University (5%), Brown University (8%), MIT (7%), Caltech (8%).

Princeton Cs Masters Acceptance Rate

The Princeton Cs Masters acceptance rate is 9%. This means that it’s a selective program. However, even though the program is highly competitive, you can still increase your chances of admission by creating a strong application.

Princeton Cs Masters Application Requirements

The Princeton Cs Masters has no minimum GPA requirement for admission. However, admissions officials will be looking at your academic record to determine whether you have a good chance of success in their program. The more rigorous and challenging your high school coursework was, the better off you are.

The Princeton Cs Masters requires that applicants submit two recommendation letters with their application. It’s also important to take the TOEFL exam if English isn’t your first language. You must score at least 100 points on this exam before you can be considered for admission into any Master’s program at Princeton University.

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