Private Medical Schools In Australia

The Australian medical education system is the largest and most advanced in the world. There are currently 11 private medical schools located throughout Australia, with four based in New South Wales, two in Victoria, one in Queensland and one in Western Australia.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is responsible for accrediting all medical schools, including private medical schools in Australia, to ensure they meet the same high standards. All accredited medical schools must provide quality training that meets international standards, as well as comply with government regulations and policies.

The AMC conducts regular inspections of every accredited university and college, while also conducting its own research into how these institutions are performing. The accreditation process involves a range of factors including: governance; teaching staff; clinical clerkships; student support services; curriculum design and development; learning resources; clinical programs; facilities; research activities; public outreach activities; academic staff appointments; admission processes and selection criteria; examination processes; student assessment processes; academic staffing levels (full time equivalent); course duration/content/progression requirements; evaluation systems for students/teachers/staff/policies/programs etc.; employer links/partnerships etc.;

Private Medical Schools In Australia

Australia has a number of private medical schools. These include Australian National University (ANU), Bond University, Central Queensland University, Charles Darwin University, Griffith University, James Cook University (JCU), Murdoch University and the University of Notre Dame Australia.

The ANU Medical School is located in Canberra and offers an MBBS with an integrated Masters degree. It also has a postgraduate course in rural general practice. The Bond Medical School has campuses in Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Central Queensland University’s (CQU) Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS) has campuses across regional Queensland, including Rockhampton, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast. CQU students receive clinical experience at public hospitals and clinics throughout central Queensland including Rockhampton Base Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital, Mount Morgan Hospital and Proserpine Hospital.

Griffith University’s School of Medicine is located in Brisbane and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery or Master of Medicine degrees. The university also operates a School of Nursing which offers programs leading to qualifications such as Bachelor of Nursing Science with majors in areas such as nursing practice;

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