purdue college acceptance rate

purdue college acceptance rate

Of the applications for the class of 2022, Purdue admitted 60.9% of the 71,868 applications.

The acceptance rate for the class of 2022 at Purdue University is 60.9%. This means that among the 71,868 applications received by the university, Purdue accepted 16,542 applicants last year.

What makes a school’s admissions rate important to know?

If you’re looking to go to college in Indiana and want a school with a high acceptance rate, then keep looking: Purdue’s 60.9% acceptance rate is only below Notre Dame (67%), Indiana University-Bloomington (68%) and IUPUI (79%) of Big 10 schools in terms of acceptances. If you’re looking for engineering programs or other doctoral programs, it’s worth noting that Northwestern University has an 18% acceptance rate, which makes its program more selective than other Big 10 schools like Michigan (59%) and Illinois (55%). You also may want to compare your target school against schools across the U.S., because while other doctoral programs are more selective than ever—like Harvard with its 4% acceptance rate—other public universities are becoming more accessible with rates above 59%, such as Rutgers University-New Brunswick at 63% and UC San Diego at 61%. If you’re weighing what factors matter most when it comes to picking a college or university in Indiana or across the country, keep in mind that these factors vary depending on what type of institution you’re going after. For example, if your top priority is affordability over prestige, one factor to consider might be how much financial aid each school offers per student compared to others; this can vary widely from one institution to another even within the same category or state.

54% of admitted students were from out-of-state and 18% were international.

Purdue University is a public university with a selective admissions process. If you’re hoping to gain admission, here’s what you should know:

  • Purdue is very selective. Out of the over 100,000 students who applied for the fall of 2017, only about 20% were accepted. This figure is even more impressive considering that 54% of admitted students were from out-of-state and 18% were international.
  • Purdue has an engineering focus. In fact, Purdue was ranked #13 overall by US News in Top National Universities for its highly regarded engineering programs—despite the fact that it’s a public institution not known for having strong science or research facilities at all! This speaks to how highly regarded its engineering programs are.
  • Purdue has a low cost compared to other top schools. At just $10,858 per year for out-of-state students and $7,646 per year for in-state students, Purdue is one of the least expensive higher education options around—and this doesn’t take financial aid packages into account! Some big name schools have nearly twice as high tuition prices as Purdue does.* If you’re worried about being far away from home while attending college*, then look no further than West Lafayette! Though it’s near Chicago and Indianapolis , too, West Lafayette feels like a small town and is the largest city on campus.* If these reasons aren’t enough to get you excited about possibly attending Purdue University next fall or in the future, we’ve got one more: Boiler Up!

The average high school GPA for admitted students was 3.7 and the average SAT score was 1205.

The school’s overall acceptance rate (for freshmen accepted out of those who applied) is 96.5%. Of the 2,406 students enrolled at Purdue in 2014-2015, 1,498 were undergraduates. Admitted students had an average high school GPA of 3.7 and an average ACT score of 27.6. Students from the class of 2017 have a choice between 839 total majors and 31 different graduate programs, including a masters in aviation technology program that was ranked the 5th most affordable by U.S News & World Report in 2016 and a PhD program in theoretical physics that has received multiple research citations per faculty member than any other doctoral program worldwide since 2009 according to Reuters (1).

It’s slightly easier to get into Purdue than it is to get into other Big 10 schools like Michigan, Penn State, and Indiana.

Why is it easier to get into Purdue than a school like Michigan, Penn State, or Indiana? The answer lies in the institution itself. While these schools were traditionally considered dream destinations for high schoolers hoping to one day don their college letterman jackets and cheer on their alma mater from the stands as fans, Purdue has gained reputation in recent years as a more laid-back—but still academically rigorous—alternative.

In fact, when we look at admission rates within the Big 10 conference, Purdue offers an advantage over its neighbors in Indiana:

Purdue University – 42% (2015)

Indiana University Bloomington – 43% (2015)

University of Notre Dame – 37% (2015)

Notre Dame is the only private university among these Big 10 schools which could account for some of its lower acceptance rates. The other three all have acceptance rates below 40%, meaning that if you are accepted into one of these universities’ pools of applicants, you are very likely to also be admitted to another.

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