Radiation Therapy Schools California

Radiation therapy schools in California include community colleges, universities and hospitals that offer radiologic technology programs. The Radiation Therapy Technology Program at Santa Barbara City College offers a certificate program for students to achieve certification as a radiation therapy technician. The program is designed for those who want to work in the medical field but don’t want to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students learn how to operate x-ray machines, perform mammograms and administer radiation treatments. The program requires students to complete clinical rotations at local hospitals and clinics in order to gain real-world experience.

The Radiation Therapy Technology Program at Redwoods Community College also offers a certificate program that prepares students for employment as radiation therapists. The curriculum includes courses such as physics, biology, chemistry and anatomy & physiology that provide a foundation for understanding how radiation works within the body’s systems.

Students can also choose from several associate degree options offered by California State University San Marcos and San Diego State University (SDSU). Both schools offer two-year degrees that prepare students for licensure as radiologic technologists or registered nurses (RN). After earning an associate degree, students will be eligible for transfer credits toward completion of bachelor’s degrees in nursing or other health professions programs.

In addition to their academic offerings

Radiation Therapy Schools California

Radiation therapy schools in California offer degrees that are accredited by the American Medical Association Council on Medical Education. The curriculum includes coursework in radiation protection, safety and quality assurance, as well as patient care, diagnosis and treatment. These programs also teach students about imaging technology, research methodology and ethics.

Students who are interested in becoming radiation therapists should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years’ experience working with people. They must also be licensed by the state board of medicine before they can practice independently. Radiation therapy schools in California provide hands-on training to prepare students for this career.

Radiation Therapy Schools California

These radiation therapy programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE):

Barry University – Dade County Campus, Miami Shores – Miami Gardens, FL

The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) – Los Angeles, CA

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